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Moon to go red in last lunar eclipse

| 07.12,11. 10:43 PM |


Moon to go red in last lunar eclipse


December 07, 2011

STAR gazers will get their chance to see the last total lunar eclipse until 2014 where the Moon turns red.
Those keen to watch the Moon passing through the Earth's shadow will be able to see it on December 10, according to the Sydney Observatory.

The actual eclipse begins at 11.45pm and by 1.06am, a 'totality' or 'darkest phase' will emerge when the Moon will be fully immersed in the shadow for 52 minutes.

The eclipse will end at 3.18am.

"This is a special eclipse as it occurs, unusually, as the Moon 'leaps' between the horns of the zodiacal Bull," said Dr Andrew Jacob, acting curator, Sydney Observatory.

"Weather permitting, the Moon will turn spectacular rust red as this happens."

While this lunar eclipse can be viewed safely with the naked eye, Sydney Observatory will have astronomers on hand to explain what is happening, viewing through binoculars and telescopes for those who wish to head there for the best viewing spot.


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