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bomb on Dee Why beach

| 25.11,11. 06:46 AM |


bomb on Dee Why beach

November 25, 2011

 ARMY technicians have been summoned to Dee Why beach after unexploded ordnance washed up onto the sand this morning.
Surfers on the beach alerted police when they saw the Navy shell on the beach about 6.50am.

Police have set up an "exclusion zone'' as a precaution while they wait for army technicians to render the object safe.

A NSW Police spokesman said the incident happens "quite regularly''.

"Normally we set up big exclusion zone until they can work out what they are dealing with,'' the spokesman said.

"We are taking precautions because obviously it can have quite serious repercussions.''

The beach will be reopened once the shell is removed.


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