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Hot Young Liberals cause a blogger bother

| 22.05,09. 11:45 AM |

Hot Young Liberals cause a blogger bother

May 22, 2009 12:00am

THEY'VE been labelled the hottest women in the Liberal Party - but they're not happy about it.

Malcolm Turnbull's media adviser is one of the women appearing on a raunchy website posted by a Liberal Party member bragging that the Liberals have the "hottest girls" in Australian politics.

A former staffer of NSW Upper House MP Marie Ficarra also featured next to scantily clad "Libertarian" women posted by the former president of the Australian Liberal Students Federation.

Neither Mr Turnbull's adviser Lis Davies nor Ms Ficarra's former aide Eleni Petinos authorised the use of photographs on the website.

The purpose of the site, according to creator Tim Andrews, was to recruit more men into the Liberal Party on the basis of the calibre of its women.

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"To put it simply, we have all the hot girls," the Washington-based blogger and member of the Ashfield branch of the Young Liberals wrote.

"Well, judge for yourself. I present to you the conservative and libertarian girls of Australia!"

What followed was a gallery of University Liberal Club women, one dressed in lingerie and others in provocative poses and bikinis.

Ms Davies and Ms Petinos were dressed much more conservatively.

A sexist outrage or just a bit of fun? Tell us below

Mr Andrews claimed to have permission from all the women to have their photos posted.

However, overnight several photos were taken down, including those of Ms Davies and Ms Petinos.

It is believed that Ms Davies neither authorised her photo to be included nor ordered it be removed.

Yesterday a password lock was placed on the site, preventing access by unauthorised users.

NSW Liberal leader Barry O'Farrell said he was disgusted.

"I find it a disappointing and unacceptable posting," he said.

"I am offended by the some of the blog responses."

Mr Andrews based his treatise on conservative commentator P.J. O'Rourke's "babe-theory", which suggests if you have attractive women in a party, there is an exponential rise in the number of men wanting to join.

The former federal sex discrimination commissioner and NSW Liberal MP Pru Goward was disappointed, and said it was not the right way to go about recruiting people to the Liberal Party.

"I'm disappointed that he's misjudged the importance of a political party like ours, which for so long has defended the dignity of men and women," she said.

"We do need to recruit young people . . . and I commend Tim for having a go, but I think that we have to remember that people join political parties because of the facts, not the figures."

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