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March 14 MPs ask Berry to appoint confidence session 

| 17.11,11. 04:08 AM |


March 14 MPs ask Berry to appoint confidence session  

March 14 coalition lawmakers raised on Wednesday a petition to Speaker Nabih Berry asking him to appoint a parliament session to vote on confidence in the government.

Lawmakers included Boutros Harb, Farid Makari, Ahmad Fatfat, Antoine Zahra, Samer Saadeh, Siboh Kalbakian, Ziad Kadri, Jamal Jarrah, Tony Abu Khater, Marwan Hamadeh and Ghazi Youssef.

The MPs said the petition will be raised due to the government’s poor handling of local, Arab and international developments and its adopted policy specifically as to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and the country’s official take during the Arab League’s vote on Syria’s suspension.

March 14 parliamentarians also slammed the government’s “random” socio-economic and financial policies that have driven the country to a dangerous place, in light of Syria military incursions and spreading fears about the possible return of assassinations.

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