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March 14 sweeps Bank employees syndicate 

| 16.10,11. 03:37 AM |


March 14 sweeps Bank employees syndicate 


March 14 made a sweeping win Saturday after it won all seats of the Banking Sector employees syndicate in the north, hence reflecting popular support to the alliance.

Future Movement and its allies won all 6 seats in polls held in Tripoli syndicate headquarters, where 750 employees participated in the voting process.

Candidates Khaled Mawal (435 votes), Samer Abdul Rahman (434 votes), Omar Shalak (428 votes), Firas Wehbi (420 votes), Samia Touma (411 votes) and Maya Tout (418 votes) one while the closest losing candidate was Ali Sankari who got 329 votes.

Future Movement Syndicate Coordinator General Najib Abu Merhi stated that “the elections went in a democratic manner and embodied the true majority of the north and Tripoli in particular.”

“These elections reflect genuine representation people want by full support to Future Movement and allies, and the track of Martyr Premier Rafik Hariri and former Prime Minister Saad Hariri.”

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