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Ahmad Hariri on the anniversary of Israeli retreat from Beirut: Arab spring will bring hope and stability   

| 03.10,11. 07:45 PM |


Ahmad Hariri on the anniversary of Israeli retreat from Beirut: Arab spring will bring hope and stability  

Future Movement Secretary General Ahmad Hariri said that the next spring will be the spring of all Arabs in Beirut, noting that the upcoming days will hold stability and hope for Lebanon.

In a celebration organized by Beirut’s Coordination of the Future Movement on the 29th anniversary of the Israeli retreat from Beirut in Aisha Bakkar on Sunday, Hariri said that “we will no longer have bullying and intimidation in Beirut.”

He vowed loyalty to the path of martyr President Rafic Hariri, promising to maintain Beirut’s national and Arab role.

“Beirut is the capital of national unity, freedom and change. It is the capital of fraternity, development and growth,” he said, noting that Lebanon’s capital had always been the center point for the gathering of intellectuals, visionaries, and the oppressed longing to claim their rights,” Hariri said.

The future official maintained that “Beirut is the country which dropped Israeli illusions that the Palestinian cause has ended, thus triggering the international community to witness Israel’s crimes against people.”

“Beirut was the first capital to be invaded and besieged by Israel,” Hariri recalled, noting that the city will remain “a great capital for great pain and dreams, and also great ambitions.”

Asserting that Beirut will preserve the sacrifices of the Arab spring, Hariri promised better days, in his name and the name of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

In turn, Palestinian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdullah said that “Beirut has written a heroic epic at that point reflecting victory.”

He added that the city is still “a beacon to continue our battle against the enemy.”

Abdullah went on saying that “getting into battles doesn’t come through conferences and speeches merely, however need a structured plan.”

“We are determined to go on until we have a Free Palestinian State,” Abdullah said.


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