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March 14: Govt. Must Demand Hizbullah to Hand over STL Suspects or Resign

| 25.08,11. 05:03 AM |


March 14: Govt. Must Demand Hizbullah to Hand over STL Suspects or Resign

The March 14 General Secretariat strongly condemned on Wednesday Hizbullah’s position on the indictment in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, slamming its “sanctification” of the four party suspects accused of being involved in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

It said in a statement after its weekly meeting: “One of the suspects’ interview in TIME Magazine was a deliberate provocation by Hizbullah to not just the STL, but the Lebanese people’s longing for justice.”

“It was also a scandal to the government and its institutions that announced its inability to inform the suspects of the arrest warrants against them under the excuse that it was unable of finding their locations,” it continued.

“This government is completely responsible for this scandal. It should apprehend the suspects itself or demand that Hizbullah hand them over or resign,” it stressed.

Furthermore, the March 14 General Secretariat condemned Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s recent positions, which the statement said made it appear as if the entire Shiite sect was being targeted by the STL.

The statement warned that such actions would lead Lebanon to strife.

“The General Secretariat condemns the attempt to connect the Shiite sect to the accused and the assassinations,” it added.

“This sect has been and will always be a key partner in the state,” it stressed.

“It refuses to have their names dragged in the adventures of those who claim to represent them,” it continued.

TIME Magazine recently published an interview with one of the suspects in the Hariri assassination, who said that he is located in Lebanon and that the Lebanese authorities know where he is but cannot capture him.


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