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Miqati Surprised from Aoun’s Campaign, is Keen on Solving Power Crisis

| 14.08,11. 05:39 PM |


Miqati Surprised from Aoun’s Campaign, is Keen on Solving Power Crisis

Premier Najib Miqati’s sources have expressed surprise at the Free Patriotic Movement’s campaign against him after a draft law proposed by FPM chief Michel Aoun on providing $1.2 billion to the energy minister to build power plants drew criticism from lawmakers.

The sources expressed surprise at the campaign saying that Miqati has supported the project but has only conditioned the introduction of measures that would guarantee transparency in the spending of the $1.2 billion which are aimed at building power plants that would generate 700 Megawatts of electricity.

They told pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat Sunday that it was unacceptable to hold Miqati responsible for the rejection of MPs to approve the draft law.

The premier is keen on solving the country’s power crisis and has held several meetings away from the media spotlight to solve the controversy on the proposed project, the sources said.

Miqati’s sources also confirmed to An Nahar daily that the prime minister is seeking to introduce articles in the draft law that would allow Energy Minister Jebran Bassil to spend the huge amount of money within the legal framework.

Public Works Minister Ghazi Aridi, who represents Walid Jumblat’s bloc in the cabinet, told An Nahar that on many occasions the cabinet has approved a draft law which later received rejection inside parliament.

Opposition MPs and the lawmakers of Jumblat’s National Struggle Front have criticized the draft law for lacking a clear mechanism on the spending of the $1.2 billion.

“All people went electricity. This is a very important issue and has high costs,” Aridi said.


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