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March 14 Says Dialogue ‘Useless’, Appointments Consolidate Hizbullah Control on Security Agencies

| 20.07,11. 10:08 PM |

March 14 Says Dialogue ‘Useless’, Appointments Consolidate Hizbullah Control on Security Agencies

The March 14 general-secretariat hinted on Wednesday that national dialogue became useless after the Syria-Hizbullah alliance decided on behalf of the Lebanese to prevent the state from owning arms.

“Dialogue became useless after three years of time wasting and after the regional-local axis decided on behalf of the Lebanese what their state should not possess,” the general-secretariat said following its weekly meeting.

It reiterated that the alliance’s participation in the national dialogue hinges on putting Hizbullah’s arms under the control of the state within a certain timeframe through the participation of the Arab League.

On the latest decisions taken by the cabinet, the conferees said “the security appointments consolidate the control of the (Hizbullah) statelet and its security on the legitimate security apparatuses.”

They also criticized “the state’s absence” from the operation that led to the release of the seven Estonian tourists on Thursday after they were moved between camps near the border with Syria and even into the neighboring country.

The March 14 statement deplored the government’s rejection to reveal the truth behind the kidnapping. “It should have committed itself to the (previous) decisions of the national dialogue and its policy statement by closing the camps of Palestinian militias allied with the Syrian regime.”

Turning to the statements made by PM Najib Miqati from south Lebanon on Security Council resolution 1701 on Saturday, the general-secretariat said: “The commitment to resolution 1701 that puts the security in the south in the custody of the army and UNIFIL, contradicts with the people, the army and the resistance equation” which was adopted by the cabinet in its policy statement.

It said that commitment to international resolutions should not be selective. “There is no commitment to resolution 1701 without any commitment to … resolution 1757” on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the statement added.


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