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‘Dogfight’ or MPs Fight? Qanso, al-Daher Clash in Parliament

| 07.07,11. 01:25 PM |


‘Dogfight’ or MPs Fight? Qanso, al-Daher Clash in Parliament


MPs Assem Qanso and Khaled al-Daher engaged in verbal attacks at parliament on Wednesday after the latter criticized the support provided by some Lebanese politicians to the Assad regime in its crackdown on protestors in Syria.

The two lawmakers would have engaged in a fistfight hadn’t other MPs prevented them from attacking each other.

The incident began when March 14 member al-Daher was addressing the parliament and speaking about the situation in Syria.

“We call for the respect of the Syrian people’s choices,” al-Daher said, adding that supporters of the Syrian regime in Lebanon that are seeking to harm the people of the neighboring country should be silenced.

Pro-Syrian Qanso was enraged upon hearing those words, and sought to interfere and express his point of view but Speaker Nabih Berri prevented him from speaking.

When al-Daher ended his statement and returned to his place, he said he didn’t hear what Qanso said about him.

This time, both lawmakers exchanged insults and called each other “dogs.” They calmed down only after Berri brought order to the session.




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