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Man hit by car, six others injured in brawl outside Collingwood nightclub

| 02.09,18. 12:38 PM |

Man hit by car, six others injured in brawl outside Collingwood nightclub

Photo: The car hit a pedestrian before crashing into parked cars. (ABC News)

A pedestrian was struck by a car during an early morning brawl outside a nightclub in inner-Melbourne that left seven people injured.

The fight broke out about 2:45am near Mater Street in Collingwood as up to 200 were leaving a licensed premises on Smith Street.

During the brawl, a car hit a pedestrian nearby before crashing into parked cars, police said.

A male taken to hospital with serious leg injuries.

A car on a street in Collingwood with its bonnet smashed and crumpled, with glass and debris on the road.

Six others were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries from the brawl.

Debris from the crash was scattered across the road, and blood could be seen on one of the parked cars.

It was initially reported up to 15 people were hurt in the incident.

Police are still piecing together the circumstances surrounding the incident and have blocked off the area around the scene.

Josh Whelan, who was spending his first night in a nearby apartment after moving in, was woken up by the brawl.

He described the scene as "chaos".

"It was screaming and smashing, it was riot noise," he said.

"There were people jumping on cars, there was plenty of fighting going on. It was horrible to see, pretty unsettling to be honest."

He said the car was "hurtling" towards Smith St at high-speed, and appeared to be heading towards the brawl.

"It ended up veering off right before the scene where all the action was and into a few parked cars," he said.


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