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House empty after major police operation in Sydney's south west

| 23.08,18. 06:24 AM |

House empty after major police operation in Sydney's south west

Armed police at a property in Punchbowl in Sydney's south-west. (Tiffiny Genders/Twitter) (twitter)

Police have come up empty handed after a major operation in Sydney’s south-west this evening.

Heavily armed officers from the tactical operations unit stormed into the Park Street address at 7.40pm.

Officers spent hours surrounding the Punchbowl house, first arriving at 3pm when a man who had been detained and assaulted at the location raised the alarm.

The officers were wearing bullet proof vests and had their guns drawn with an official police statement saying “they will not take their eyes from this property”.

Streets surrounding the location were cordoned off for hours as officers reportedly tried to communicate with occupants believed to be inside.

The victim suffered minor injuries before escaping and alerting the police.

"They’ve yelled on the loud speaker for them to come out with their hands empty and in the air," 9NEWS reporter on the scene Tiffiny Genders said.

With a heavy police presence, it is unclear how the occupants escaped or if they were actually in the house at the time.

The suspects and the victim are believed to be known to each other.

The victim is now refusing to cooperate with police.

If you know anything about this matter contact Crimestoppers on 180 333 000


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