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'Peaceful' inner-Sydney suburb shaken by daylight killing

| 11.08,18. 05:21 PM |

'Peaceful' inner-Sydney suburb shaken by daylight killing

Photo: Police blocked off the street in Forest Lodge after a man was killed. (ABC News: Jennine Khalik)

Less than 100 metres from a primary school in the quaint inner-Sydney suburb of Forest Lodge, a man's body was yesterday found lying in the middle of a road.

A replica gun was found nearby.

The brazen daylight killing has left the shaken up young parents and university students who live in Forest Lodge wondering how this violent, bloody attack unfolded in an area filled with leafy trees and Victorian terrace houses, and where "nothing ever happens".

Police are this morning still hunting for a man and a woman suspected of attacking the dead man before fleeing the scene.

The victim suffered serious head wounds, but police would not say if he was shot in the head or injured in some other way.

Resident Alex Ververis pulled up to his house shortly after the incident to find police swarming the area.

He said it was "really unexpected and kind of scary".

Residents were warned to stay indoors.

"I came back with my kid after swimming lessons," Mr Ververis said.

"We know everyone on the street, there's nothing untoward and nothing suspicious."

'Altercation' before suspects fled

Police believe the dead man was arguing with the suspects on Hereford Street when he was attacked.

Bloodied, he staggered down the street and fell in adjacent Minogue Street, where he died.

The area was placed under lockdown and a police helicopter hovered over the suburb searching for the pair.

A property was raided on Hereford Street and declared a crime scene.

Acting Superintendent Sam Crisafulli, with the Leichhardt Police Area Command, described the incident as "a violent attack with very, very serious consequences".

Residents 'worried', 'scared'

Although investigators believe the attack was targeted, nursing student and Forest Lodge resident Rorie Pfieffer said she was still feeling antsy about walking home from nearby Sydney University.

"It's really scary considering I was walking to uni two hours before," she said.

"I stay really late at uni, I'm back here at 11:00pm and 12:00pm … and this happened in broad daylight."

Her boyfriend Daniel Lawrence, an electrician who was working nearby when the attack happened, said he was concerned at how brazen the event was, happening "in the middle of the day".

He said he heard nothing.

A mother pushing her child in a pram down the street appeared teary.

"I feel worried," she said.

"I'm worried about this place. It's usually peaceful, but not at present."

Others were not as surprised by the occurrence.

One local said neighbouring suburb Glebe had "a very bad history. A lot of [bad] history".

He said he was concerned about attacks occurring more often than usual.

There have been two alleged stabbings in Glebe in the past month, although there is no indication that they were connected to the latest incident.

Last week, a man was charged after allegedly stabbing another man during a fight.

And in July, a teenager was charged over the alleged stabbing of man following an altercation.

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