Iran..Rate of dollar surpasses 110,000 rials, deepening crisis within the clerical regime, leading to popular protests

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Iran..Rate of dollar surpasses 110,000 rials, deepening crisis within the clerical regime, leading to popular protests

The economic and political crises engulfing the Iranian regime have grown deeper with the rate of dollar surpassing 110,000 rials and the price of each gold coin exceeding 44,000,000 rials.

Simultaneous with the rise in the rate of dollar, security and intelligence forces have been stationed in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar and many other regions such as Ferdowsi Square and Istanbul intersection in fear of eruption of popular protests. Anti-riot units riding on motorcycles were stationed in Jomhouri intersection, across from the Ala’eddin Shopping Center.

On Sunday afternoon, July 29, a large crowd, consisting of young people, the bazaaris, and shopkeepers gathered in Sabz-e Maidan Square in Tehran but were confronted by the State Security Force and plain clothes agents.

Shops in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar and Pelleh Ahani, including gold traders, as well as spare parts and machine equipment bazaar in Isfahan are on strike.

The Central Bank, whose chief was recently sacked by Hassan Rouhani in a desperate attempt to deal with the economic and the currency crisis, ridiculously claimed in a statement reported by the state media today, that “the recent changes in the currency and gold market” were essentially the result of “the enemy’s conspiracies aimed at causing anxiety in the economy and undermining calm among the population.”

The overwhelming economic crisis is due to the institutionalized and astronomical theft by the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and other officials on the one hand, and because of wasting the wealth of the Iranian nation on barbaric internal suppression, unpatriotic nuclear and missile programs as well as warmongering and terrorism beyond Iranian borders on the other.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

July 29, 2018

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