Lawyer Jihad Zebian asks the UN Secretary-General to convene a emergency session of the UN General Assembly to take measures to protect the Druze in southern Syria

| 29.07,18. 08:36 PM |

Lawyer Jihad Zebian asks the UN Secretary-General to convene a emergency session of the UN General Assembly to take measures to protect the Druze in southern Syria

H.E. Secretary-General of the United Nations

Sami respect

Based on the resolution entitled "United for Peace" of 3 November 1950 (resolution 377 (V)) authorizing an emergency special session within 24 hours if there appears to be a threat to peace or a breach of peace

And based on the reality of the inability of the Security Council to take any decision on international crimes in Syria, including the crime of genocide that had already happened in the case of Druze Idlib

According to the United Nations Charter, international laws criminalizing acts of genocide and the systematic and systematic genocide of Druze and Arab-Druze Druze against a demographic and Druze component, this was not the first act in this context

We call upon you, without delay, to immediately convene an emergency special session of the General Assembly of the United Nations to take collective measures to safeguard and restore international peace and security and to protect the Druze minority in southern Syria, which is being subjected to genocide and to urge the international community to intervene internationally. The inability of the legitimate state in Syria to secure this protection until the effect of this measure ceases immediately after the creation of a comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis under the umbrella of international legitimacy, including the prosecution of the perpetrators of the genocide that took place in Jabal Al Arab and the city of Suweida under the supervision of the mother

We also ask you to put an item that includes the request of the British Crown to abide by its international commitments to an agreement still in effect signed between the druze in historic Sham and the British Crown in September 1841, the Kingdom of Britain must provide comprehensive protection of the Druze and compensation in the event of default

Please accept Sami respect

Please do not let the druze in Syria  suffer any longer.


Lawyer Jihad Zebian - Lebanon..

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