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Israeli airstrike hits Assad chemical centre in Hama countryside

| 23.07,18. 06:12 PM |

Israeli airstrike hits Assad chemical centre in Hama countryside

Assad regime said Israel targeted on Sunday (July 22) one of its positions in Hama countryside.

Assad regime television said an Israeli air strike had hit a military post in the city of Masyaf in Syria’s Hama province but caused only material damage.

The newsflash did not elaborate on what exactly had been targeted. An intelligence source said a major military research center for chemical arms production was located near the city and believed to house a team of Iranian military experts involved in weapons production.

The attack was carried out by Israeli jets firing missiles from Lebanese airspace, according to Lebanese sources.

Opposition sources reported Iranian presence at the attacked site, saying that it is used to develop missiles and produce chemical weapons.

Some of Iran’s military bases in Syria are next to Assad regime’s military compounds, an intelligence source told Reuters.

Israel has refused to comment on the alleged attack.

Last week, Israel has conducted a rocket strike on the Assad and Iranian military position north of Nairab airport in Aleppo.

The same site in Masyaf was allegedly attacked by Israel last year.


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