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Assad militias commit massacres in southern Syria

| 18.07,18. 05:27 PM |

Assad militias commit massacres in southern Syria

The Assad regime’s militias and their allies continue bombing and shelling campaign on southern Syria, killing and injuring dozens of civilians.

Assad regime’s helicopter dropped a barrel bomb on a school in Ain al-Tinah village in Quneitra countryside on Tuesday (July 17), killing and injuring 11 civilians including women and children, Orient correspondent reported.

Another airstrike killed at least four civilians and injured many others in El Aliyah village in Daraa countryside.

Russian and Assad war planes conducted airstrikes on Mas-hara town and the strategic Tall al Harrah town on Monday morning (July 16).

Free Syrian Army factions have repelled several attempts by Assad militias and their allies in Quneitra countryside, killing dozens of them.

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