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Dozens of Assad militiamen killed in Daraa

| 04.07,18. 04:40 PM |

Dozens of Assad militiamen killed in Daraa

Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions have repelled several attempts by Assad militias and their allies in Daraa countryside, causing losses to the latter.

Orient News correspondent said that the opposition factions thwarted on Monday (July 2) all regime’s incursion attempts in Tafas battlefront.

The FSA’s Central Operations Command in the south announced that Monday confrontations led to death of more than 45 Assad militiamen, and the destruction of Assad tanks, raising the number of destroyed Assad tanks to more than 10 within the last 48 hours, according to Orient correspondent.

Pro Assad social media published new photos of Assad militiamen killed in Daraa during the last few days.

Nahr Al-Bared Facebook page posted on Tuesday (July 3) photos of the funeral of Bishr Moalla from "Qarn Hilya" village in Lattakia.

The same page assured the death of Rabee Baddour from Tartous, and Issa Habeeb from Hama in Daraa battles.

Other pro regime Facebook pages posted the names and photos of Assad militiamen killed in Daraa including three Lieutenants Ibrahim Salhab, Hasan Haidar, and Soubhi Masharqi.

UN refugee spokesman in Jordan said that the number of people forced to flee their homes in southwestern Syria as a result of the two-week escalation by Assad sectarian militias climbed to 270,000 people.

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