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Russian and Assad airstrikes kill civilians in Daraa

| 26.06,18. 05:04 AM |

Russian and Assad airstrikes kill civilians in Daraa

Russian and Assad warplanes conducted Monday early morning (June 25) at least 26 airstrikes on Daraa in the south of Syria, injuring and displacing thousands of Syrians, Orient correspondent said. 

The Assad and Russian warplanes launched 26 airstrikes on the villages and towns of the eastern countryside of Daraa, bringing the number of raids to more than 200 raids during the last 72  hours Bsher Ahmad said.

"The airstrikes were carried out on Busra al-Harir, Maliha, Al-Hirak, and Rakhem in Daraa eastern countryside".

Meanwhile, the Assad sectarian militia attacked towns and villages in Daraa with 65 surface-to-surface missiles.

"Six civilians including two women were killed and dozens were wounded on Sunday,” Orient correspondent said.

Two hospitals in Al-Hirak, Busra al-Harir were closed after they had been severely damaged by Sunday air strikes.

Syrian Civil Defense operation center in Busra al-Harir was targeted by artillery bombardment. White Helmets rescuers published footage online, showing the destruction.

The joint opposition military room, composed of seven main opposition fighting groups, said they would resist the Assad and Russian offensive and they would also defend their land and revolution till the last drop of their blood.

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