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The dead bodies of two Rohingya children were found

| 15.03,18. 01:30 AM |

The dead bodies of two Rohingya children were found

Local residents in the city of Arakan, on last Saturday found the bodies of two Rohingyas children near their home.

Arakan news agency reported that the two children, who were not more than 10 years old, lost their mother two days before they were found after she returned home from work.

The reporter added that all the mother’s attempts to search for them failed before the local people find them in a local river behind a military barracks.

Local authorities attended the scene and the bodies of the two children were taken to the government hospital for autopsy, one of the officials said, but the mother questioned the authorities’ intentions and accused them of tampering with the bodies of the children or removing the internal organs.

The mother also accused members of the military barracks of kidnapping, killing and throwing children in the river.

A video obtained by the Arakan news agency showed the bodies of the children after they were discharged from the hospital.

Rohingya activist said that in Myanmar, the trade is popular with some doctors who deal secretly with human trafficking gangs in China.

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