Iran Uprising-No. 50 : Burning Khamenei’s image; protests by plundered people and poor Kurdish porters

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Iran Uprising-No. 50

Burning Khamenei’s image; protests by plundered people and poor Kurdish porters

1. On Saturday, January 20, several people from Robat Karim (Tehran Province) protested against high prices. The protesters, a major part of whom were women, chanted slogans against the regime.

In order to intimidate and disperse the crowd, the law enforcement criminal agents ran over by a car a lady who was protesting against plundering her deposits. The same criminal method was carried out in Ahwaz during the first days of the uprising during which the regime’s criminals ran over the people with a truck.

2 On the same day, in Ahwaz, deprived farmers, whose lands had been looted by the regime’s false promises, protested outside the Amir Kabir Sugarcane Development Company in Ahwaz. Their demand was to work on their own lands that had been looted. The riot guard attacked them with Baton.

3. Also, a number of workers from the Mahshahr municipality gathered outside the city's municipality in protest of the non-payment of their monthly salaries.

4. The protest gathering by a group of workers at the Kian Kurd Factory in Malayer, which started last week in protest against the failure to pay six months of overdue salaries and the failure to pay for the 2017-2017 gift, continues.

On Thursday, January 18, protests by deprived and oppressed people continued in various parts of the country:

5. The brave youths of Qum burned a large image of Khamenei in the Hamza boulevard near the Parsian gas pump.

6. A crowd of people and youth in Isfahan staged a protest gathering. The gathering was attacked by mercenaries and was drawn into conflict.

7. After the regime’s mercenaries from the outpost of Bityush, a village of Sardasht, fired at six horses of poor vendors and porters of the village, the deprived people of Bityush attacked the outpost, known as the "killer of the porters", and clashed with the mercenaries, and took the outpost’s documents with them.

8. The people plundered by the Caspian governmental institute gathered in protest at the looting of their deposits outside the institude’s Sa'adat Abad branch and threw eggs at it. They chanted: "Death to the thief" and "Caspian theft, government supported."

9. The protest of the Iran Quti workers in Qazvin, which started last week in protest against the non-payment of salaries and benefits for nine months, continues.

10. In Ahwaz, about a thousand people participated in the memorial ceremony of Aria Roozbehi Babadi. He was arrested on January 10 by the regime’s intelligence agents. The Ministry of Intelligence criminal threw his body into the Karoon River after killing him.

11. The people of Arak also participated in the memorial ceremony of Shahab Abtahi Memorial, 20 years old, who was martyred for the freedom of the people.

12. The memorial ceremony of Sarou Ghahremani, 24, and Kianoush Zandi, 26, two martyrs from Sanandaj was held with the massive presence of the people, despite the intensive presence of plainclothes and intelligence agents of the regime.

13. Memorial ceremony of Ali Pouladi, a 26-year-old resident of the Goytar village of Chalus, was also held on January 18th with the massive participation of the people in the area. The cries of his grieving mother strongly affected the crowd. She said why they killed my kid. My kid was healthy. The regime agents took my kid and killed him. I am sure his friends will take revenge on my son.

Ali Pouladi was arrested on January 12 evening and was killed few hours later under tortures by the police criminals. The next morning, the criminals informed his family of his death. In a scandalous lie, the director general of Mazandaran coroner claimed that Ali Pouladi had been severely injured on the head one month ago due to an accident. The regime's agents also claimed that he was suffering from epilepsy and had died due to a heart attack. However, his family said he was in good health at the time of his arrest. The abusive and repressive approach of the Chalus police led to a clash between his family and his fellow citizens with the police.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

January 21, 2018

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