Looted People in Iran protesting By Hassan Mahmoudi

| 28.10,17. 10:27 PM |

Looted People in Iran protesting

By Hassan Mahmoudi

Since the signing of the JCPOA and the resulting influx of cash into the Iranian

Inline image 1economy, Tehran has been emboldened, and its bad behavior has been ignored, As Trump outlined in his strategy, Iran’s offences are not limited to its nuclear program, since sanctions on Iran were lifted in 2016, Iran has invested in destabilizing many of its neighbors.

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On the other hand Iran has adopted the policy of suppression and execution as its main domestic policy.


The Iranian people are frustrated with high unemployment, outlandish living costs, Lack of public services. According to the report by NCRI On Monday morning, October 23, more than two thousand people, whose property was plundered by institutions affiliated with IRGC, judiciary and other state agencies,