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Western methods in the Administration of Arab Colonies..By- Sayed Amin

| 10.10,17. 03:51 PM |

Western methods in the Administration of Arab Colonies

By- Sayed Amin

The American and Western policy in general in our Arab world has semi-uniform but permanent and solid lines, It focuses on one strategic goal: to exclude the will of the people from political participation and to carry out any activity leading to their participation in the self-determination of their countries through the manufacture of elites, forces and subordinate control centers.

Secularization and Zionism vs. authoritic

These forces followed broad-based patterns in order to achieve this strategy, none of which would account for the nature of the developments on the battlefield.
Perhaps the issue of calling for the exclusion of religion from the life of Arab Muslims or the religious revolution and the renewal of the religious discourse, which is frequently talked about, comes as a quick Western response to the desire of the Arab peoples to govern and self-determination through the movement of the Arab Spring, Of the Arab peoples, which include clear normative points of "secularization versus participation in government".
This was followed by the creation of a deterrent force to ensure the implementation of the first item and not to renounce it, namely, "Israel's leadership over the entire Arab region." This explains the start of the demands of warm peace, the deal of the century and the collective flight of Arab dependency regimes toward Tel Aviv.
But this vision is also incomplete, because it gives some rulers some of the patriotism they do not deserve, however small and some of the will, however fragile, unlike the truth, because the fact that the political participation that may be allowed by the Western systems of the Arab peoples to avoid the length of resistance of their peoples, Is limited to granting them the authority of the non-sovereign ministries, which do not add any control to any balance of the resistance national movement.
This means, most importantly, that our Arab nation is still subject to foreign occupation, and that what took place in the middle of the last century of coups or "revolutions" - whatever you call it - and movements of liberation and national independence were also just the results of the development of colonial tricks were from During which the direct colonization of colonialism was replaced by proxy.

Block blocking

One of the most important tenets of Western and American policy in our Arab homeland is that it strictly forbids the Islamic trend in all its variants to reach Governance in any form.
In a slightly lower order, the ban extends to the national trend calling for Arab unity, because the West realizes that Arabism is the fertile soil nourished by the tree of Islam, and then in a final step the ban reaches the socialist revolutionary stream because it is solidarity with the poor and stands with the rights of oppressed peoples, Palestinian conflict in independence.
The ban imposed on the three blocks in the context of a broader policy of the "block ban", the greater the political bloc of any category and the large number of supporters, the tightening of the political embargo is more stringent.
This means that the West considers that the Arab or the ideal Muslim is the one who expresses only himself and means only the individual, who is also the one from whom the collective spirit of reason and the sense of the group's role were excluded. And that Islam would be lost in the soul if it remained an individual religion.

Integrated false system

It is also tenets that America has adopted Arab governments, and has also opposed them. If people are not convinced of this equation ,In the event of growing discontent and popular discontent and before the real opposition can win and come to authority, Western powers intervene to position the client opposition as a substitute for the rightful national opposition as new rulers, although they often intervene to uphold the old order if there is room to quell the anger of the people.
This strategy, although it makes America and Europe the only beneficiary of any outcome of the conflict of power, also benefits them more because competitors compete for their satisfaction if one party is involved.
As well as creating a democratic process that may deceive ordinary Arab populists, even though they are a decorative process under American control.
The warnings, which are echoed from time to time elements in the circles of Arab rule, the depth of fear of this strategy, which epitomize their saying "Who covers America naked" although those circles are basically American products and have no alternatives, just as America gives them the cover may be withdrawn when She wanted.
These are the broad outlines of some of the Western policies in our Arab homeland, which have become visible recently, within a wide basket of policies that are very deep and cautious. This has made this nation a summit in the mouths of its enemies and has made it itself a field of battle.
But let us not forget that the Arab Spring alone is credited with revealing these policies.

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