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An Open Final Notice To Cease And Desist To The CEO Of Google

| 25.08,17. 05:17 AM |

An Open Final Notice To Cease And Desist To The CEO Of Google

:Dear CEO

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the undersigned E-mail has been deliberately and discriminatorily targeted and tampered with by spying, obstructing, blocking, and freezing without any justification whatsoever, except of being [a] "Moslem" user.  The email was willfully frozen to prevent my emails from being sent out to attorneys in my effort to get a legal representation to handle my case against the idiotic and moronic agency, the so-called ("FBI") for which prevention clarified your satanic motivation.  I tried five (5) different computers and the result [was] the same by ironically displaying notice[s] as such as "google is [not] responding" –––– "Wait or "Kill" –––– "Something's [not] right" –––– (of course is not) ! ! [!]  Of course, you would never tamper with my email if [I] was [not] born [a] "Moslem" living in the "United States" post September 11 propaganda.  This tampering conduct is an obstruction of justice, plain and simple.  I have warned you previously twice concerning the same by serving the first "Open Notice" of (October 16, 2015) followed by another "Second Open Notice" of (November 13, 2015) for which both were published in many English and Arabic newspapers overseas, but to no avail [.]

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that if this immoral and illegal conduct and behavior of racial and religious discrimination does [NOT] cease and desist forthwith, we will be compelled to mop the floor of the court with your face in order to crush your head under our shoe with [a] hundred billion dollar lawsuit with whomever you may think is behind your motivation in order to bring an end before the "Korean playboy" seal it.  "Go Ahead, Make My Day", "Google"! ! [!]

  By: /s/ Assem A. Abulkhair

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