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A declaration on the massacres perpetrated by Russia and the Syrian regime in Aleppo

| 26.09,16. 11:12 PM |

 A declaration on the massacres perpetrated by Russia and the Syrian regime in Aleppo

26 سبتمبر,2016

In the name of Allah the most gracious the mercıful

Praise be to Allah Supporter of oppressed and compelling mighty oppressors, prayer and peace be upon the Imam of the Mujahideen our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions:

The whole world is watching live crimes of the brutal genocide committed by Russian forces and their tail- criminal regime proxy forces. and see scenes of murder and extermination of all necessities of life including convoys of international relief were bombed. Russians try, as announced previously, all kinds of sophisticated missile destroyers on the Syrian people. Parts of the corpse, wounded and the images of children extracted from the rubble alive and dead all of that did not make civilized powers blink, who pays lip service to freedom and human rights. and international organizations ranging from the Security Council to human rights organizations, the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference are all are Unhanded and recognized the helpless and no longer enjoy the oppressed even by the feelings of anxiety and expressions of disapproval. O Allah, to You we complain. You are the helper, to you we seek refuge and we trust in you. There is no power except yours. the Islamic Council of Syria represented by scholars and bodies while watching these horrific, painful images in Aleppo, other Syrian cities and villages, ask Allah to grant our martyrs a rest in peace and dwell them in His limitless havens, heal our patients and our wounded, and steadfast our fighters, and Be the most kind to trapped vulnerable slaves, and heal our hearts by punishing these criminals, aggressors, and then decides:

Firstly: the condemnation of the Russian and Iranian regimes and considered two rogue must be set accountable against what committed crimes; all caused by this aggression, destruction and killing. They are both States of the occupation. We shall not accept, under the auspices of Russia, any political solution, given that they are a criminal party against our people, while the retribution of the Syrian regime would be at the hands of our people with the help of Allah.

Secondly: consider on Friday the day of solidarity with Aleppo and its people, the Liberal preachers (Khutbaa) will participate all around the world. We call upon all community institutions to organize demonstrations and sit-ins in front of the embassies of these countries and in front of the headquarters of the organizations from this moment on. And post the images of suffering of our people and the crimes committed by these killers criminals. We call on all Islamic peoples and free ones in all over the world to act; supporting Aleppo and its people. we launch a boycott  of Russian and Iranian goods campaign.

Thirdly: We demand all over the world, especially our sister states, led by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to use their influence and political weight to intervene and stop this mad frenzy-this mass destruction.

Fourthly: we call on our people and the Syrian people of Aleppo especially who are still under the regime’s grip as they watch the lava flowing on the northern and eastern neighborhoods of the city and hear the sound of explosions, and perhaps they hear voices crying and wailing not stand idly by as they watch their relatives and neighbors exterminated in this brutal way then do not lift a finger.

Fifthly: As for our brigades and Mujahideen, we call up on you  to complete their journey towards Union which they started by unifying the ranks and the word and open all fronts; it is clear that the regime is fighting each front separately and If deflate them, it moves to another one. in fact, truces are big trick by not entrusted regime. we also call upon all acting forces in the Syrian revolution of political, civilian and military to rally around the principles that the Revolution was first established for and approved by most of the activities of the revolution in a document of the five principles.

The bottom line, the game has become open and unmask all the conspirators against our people who freed the hands of the aggressors without setting them accountable- no expense and no penalty. they see the decisions that have been violated by the criminal regime and those who stand with him and at the same time they restrained our people and stop us owning simplest possible means to defend ourselves against the  aggressors’ Air forces. no doubt that these hypocrites are partners in crime even if they pretended friendship of our people. our wounds know Arrows of  treachery and the extent to baseness and their wickedness. and what their breasts conceal is greater, God responded and concluded from their wickedness. May Allah All mighty  be with our brothers in Aleppo and everywhere , O Allah, steadfast them  and keep(protect) them from above, from beneath them, between their hands, behind them and lift their sorrow and anguish, O Lord of the worlds.

Syrian Islamic Council
24 Dhu al-Hijjah 1437 AH,
corresponding to September 26, 2016

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