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Iraq: 3000 tribal sheikhs call for protection of Camp Liberty residents..By Keyvan Salami

| 24.06,16. 05:54 AM |

Iraq: 3000 tribal sheikhs call for protection of

 Camp Liberty residents..By Keyvan Salami

3,000 Iraqi tribal sheikhs issued a statement declaring: “We, members of the National Council for Tribes of Iraq and signatories of this statement consider the full eviction of the Iranian regime from Iraq as the sole practical solution to end the massacres in Iraq and other countries of the region. We fully support the rights of Liberty residents in Iraq and consider them political refugees under international humanitarian laws and regulations”.

“Iran’s meddling in the region, especially in Iraq and Syria, has escalated into an unprecedented scale. In Syria Iran’s forces are continuing to massacre the Syrian people and Tehran’s meddling in Iraq continues in the most bloodiest of natures”, Wrote the “National Council for Tribes of Iraq” in a press release on June 21st, 2016 quoting  over 3000 Iraqi tribal sheikhs. The press release adds,” Iran-backed militias are resorting to all types of crimes against internally displaced persons and those forced out of their homes, and these proxy groups have even admitted to abiding by direct orders issued by the most criminal terrorist officials of this regime”.

Despite all the promises the residents in Camp Liberty have lived, in the past four years, under prison like conditions. Their relations with outside world, even for necessary uses, have been cut off. The protective T walls in the camp were removed although the residents were under constant threat by Iran’s terrorist groups in the region. The press release also reads, “Oppression and killing sprees against refugee opposition members of the Iranian regime inside Iraq continues to this day. Camp Liberty, home to refugee members of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran near Baghdad, was the target of a heavy rocket and missile barrage on 29 October 2015 staged by Iranian operatives in Iraq, leaving 24 Liberty residents killed and a wide scope of the camp leveled. We call on the United Nations and United States government to live up to their responsibilities in providing safety and security for Liberty to guarantee a similar attack will not take place against the camp”.

The Iraqi dignitaries have concluded their statement by asserting their demands: “1. complete end to Iran’s meddling in Iraq and countries of the region, which is the main element behind all the killings, instability, insecurity and expansion of sectarianism. 2. Guaranteeing safety and security for Camp Liberty residents”

Earlier this month a Majority of representatives in the Jordanian Parliament called in a statement “to guarantee Liberty residents’ security until ultimate departure from Iraq”.

In earlier years, when Mojahedin were still in camp Ashraf, the number of citizens, of all casts of the Iraqi community, signed to declare their support for Mojahedin in Iraq rose to over 5,200,000.

Keyvan Salami , human right activist writing for peace and progress in the Middle East and regime change in Iran. He Tweets at @SalamiKeyvan


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