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Iran engulfing Middle East in flames following nuclear deal.. By: Keyvan Salami

| 15.11,15. 09:52 AM |

Iran engulfing Middle East in flames following nuclear deal

By: Keyvan Salami

As many advocates of the nuclear deal claimed Iran would become a very constructive and cooperative party after signing the “historic” and “landmark” nuclear accord back in July, the Middle East for one example has been engulfed in flames more than ever before. Tehran has actually concluded Washington’s desperate approach to signing this obviously flawed agreement at all costs as a green light to pursue its policies throughout the region. This means pouring more gasoline into the flame and wreaking havoc in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and beyond.

In Iraq, the ayatollahs are utilizing their proxies to hinder any and all reform measures proposed by Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi. This is quite vivid in the National Guard bill presented in the parliament that pro-Iran parties continue to delay. They consider the plan, carefully sketched with U.S. advice, as means of curbing their influence and Tehran is literally considering it a red line. As a result, many lands across the country remain lawless and the Sunnis continue to feel sidelined. This has allowed ISIS take advantage of the status quo in order to dig in hard and continue its recruiting of youths.

With Russia entering the equation in Syria, Iran has been emboldened to dispatch thousands of new boots aimed at taking advantage of intense air strikes. With new reports of the Russian air force even resorting to using internationally banned cluster bombs, there is no end in sight in Moscow and Tehran’s atrocities in Syria, coming at the cost of more and more civilians losing their lives in the Levant. Not only has Tehran been emboldened after the nuclear deal to step up its meddling in Syria, it has convinced Russian President Vladimir Putin, already involved in a dead-lock in Ukraine and struggling with the resulting sanctions, to seek to expand its foothold in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the West, led by the United States, has failed to show a solid and firm response to these aggressions led by Moscow and Tehran.

Yemen follows suit in this trend. Iran-backed Shiite Houthis in Yemen began hijacking the entire political process, literally ran over the entire country, and forced the legitimate government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi out. While loyal forces were clinging on literally to the last neighborhoods in the port city of Aden, and U.S. forces had already evacuated the country and left tons of arms and equipment at the terrorist Houthis disposal, it was a Saudi-led Arab coalition that stepped up to the plate and took serious action against Tehran. This unprecedented alliance by an Arab force, not seen for decades, caught the ayatollahs in Tehran off guard as they never expected such firepower and intensive measures.

Saudi Arabia and their Arab partners have learned a very important lesson. Iran only respects a language of force and they will back down immediately in the face of such strong military measures as we are currently witnessing in Yemen.

Of course a political solution for the entire Middle East is preferred. However, the appeasement policy adopted by the West since day one of the ayatollahs’ rule in Iran has allowed this regime to expand its tentacles across the region, leaving unfortunately in many cases no other choice but to take military action.

The only solution left for the Middle East is not just more boots on the ground by the West. In fact, if Washington and Brussels adopt a firm stance to confront the ambitions of Moscow and Tehran, and for example provide serious support for Sunnis in Iraq and the moderate opposition in Syria, Tehran will quickly get the message and begin begging for mercy. In such circumstances, Iran will in fact be the first sitting at the table seeking talks to have matters resolved through dialogue in Syria and Iraq.

All in all, Iran is taking full advantage of the international community’s weak approach and lame duck behavior vis-à-vis its aggressions throughout the Middle East. The correct response is a decisive policy to stand firm against Tehran’s ambitions across the region. The West must finally decide to talk the talk and walk the walk, or else witness Tehran engulf the entire Middle East in flames through its lethal export of extremism, terrorism and fundamentalism.

This will be an insult to all those who have lost their lives due to Tehran’s terrorism, from the estimated 150,000 Iraqis since 2003, the over 300,000 Syrians who have innocently perished since 2011, and the over 5,000 U.S. soldiers fallen in the Middle East.

Keyvan Salami , human right activist writing for peace and progress in the Middle East and regime change in Iran. He Tweets at @SalamiKeyvan

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