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By: Heshmat Alavi..Iran continuing its dangerous meddling in Bahrain

| 09.11,15. 09:04 PM |

Iran continuing its dangerous meddling in Bahrain

By: Heshmat Alavi
Iran has been suffering major blows as Bahrain authorities have been foiling plots prepared by Tehran to have its proxies carry out terror attacks in this very important Persian Gulf country hosting the US Navy’s 5th Fleet and sitting right next door to the ayatollahs’ archrival, Saudi Arabia.

Recently five Bahrain citizens were tried and convicted on charges of conspiring with Tehran to execute attacks inside Bahrain. The men were sentenced to life in jail and stripped of their citizenship, the BNA state news agency reported recently citing a public prosecutor in Manama.

Bahrain accuses Iran of attempting to foment unrest amongst its Shiite population. Ahmad al-Hammadi, one of the country’s public prosecutors issued a statement indicating the five men had made frequent contacts with Iran’s notorious Revolutionary Guards with the objective of executing attacks on public buildings and even banks.

The Bahrain Interior Ministry also reported its authorities have arrested 47 members of a single group having ties to “terror elements in Iran” and was also plotting further and more deadly attacks.

“The results of the inquiry and investigation indicate that the group has close links to Iranian elements and terrorist elements in Iran,” the Interior Ministry statement added. This busted cell is the most recent case of Iran attempting “to shake the security and stability of the Kingdom of Bahrain through organized terror attacks,” the ministry added. Reports also indicated several members of this group had received intensive training inside Iran on how to use weapon and manufacturing deadly explosives.

In October Bahrain recalled its ambassador to Iran just one day after announcing its security forces have unveiled a major bomb factory and arrested a number of individuals also linked to the IRGC. Manama has also been taking serious action on militants involved in bomb attacks targeting its security forces. Such plots have left several people killed this year alone.

Back in August Bahrain had also apprehended another five suspects for links with Iran after a bomb attack that left two policemen killed.

Tensions have been escalating between Manama and Tehran over the past few years. This archipelago, consisting of Bahrain Island and about 30 smaller islands, has been a constant target of Tehran’s meddling in the region from day one that the ayatollahs high-jacked the 1979 revolution and adopted a lethal policy of meddling and executing terrorist plots in the region.

Heshmat Alaviis an Iraninan human rights activist who writes for regime change in Iran

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