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Keyvan Salami: It is 8 consecutive days that Iraqi forces bar food, fuel, medicine into camp

| 08.11,15. 02:54 AM |

Keyvan Salami: It is 8 consecutive days that Iraqi forces bar food, fuel, medicine into camp

Today, October 6, for the eighth consecutive day, Iraqi forces prevented food, fuel and other residents’ basic necessities from getting into Camp Liberty. Since all camp’s infrastructures and vital systems work with electricity and Liberty’s electricity is solely provided by camp’s electric generators, obstructing entry of fuel affects all camp affairs, including its heating and cooling systems, cooking, etc.

These antihuman measures following the missile barrage on Camp Liberty on October 29 are carried out under supervision of Faleh Fayyad, Iraq's national security advisor and head of the Governmental Committee tasked to suppress Camp Liberty residents and they compose parts of a certain scheme that has been dictated by the religious fascism ruling Iran.

Details of the intensified siege of Camp Liberty which is a grave breach of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Government of Iraq and the United Nations on 25 December 2015 have been reported to UNAMI, UNHCR and the U.S. Embassy, but regrettably no effective measures have been taken so far to solve the problem.

In yet another development today, Sumaria News Website announced that  The leader of ‘Mukhtar Army’ Wathiq al-Battat has declared:  I did not hit Camp Liberty and did not take responsibility for this attack...  But I am… entrapped in a great conspiracy.

For the first time, on Friday, October 30, Fars News Agency, affiliated with Iranian regime’s revolutionary guards, announced in the form of an absurd and fabricated interview with Battat that Army of Mukhtar has taken responsibility for this atrocious operation. An hour later, this news agency posted this news in the form of an interview with one of the leaders of Mukhtar Army.

According to reports from inside the Iranian regime, Battat’s interview that was also posted in the Arabic language Website of Fars was published by the orders of the terrorist Qods Force as a way to mislead and to allow the real perpetrators of the crime to get away.

Using fabricated and front groups such as Mukhtar Army has been numerously employed in the past by the Iranian regime and its terrorist Qods Force to cover up their terroristic and criminal operations.


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