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The Rally against Rohani bluffs in NY..Keyvan Salami

| 05.10,15. 03:58 AM |

The Rally against Rohani bluffs in NY..Keyvan Salami

While Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani was hosted by the UN in its annual assembly, in an embarrassing event, the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon criticized Iran for violations of human rights in his report to the 70th session of the UN General Assembly.

The report was clearly revealing facts and figures regarding repression, torture, humiliation and poverty and privation that Iranian people have been suffering under this tyrannical regime. Rouhani, however, was reiterating his own rhetoric about his roadmap paved by Iran-Deal which was Iran’s only choice to curb the sanctions and isolations that was dragging the regime to both political and economical collapse.

This time in NY, Rouhani started his speech deploying the sad accident in Mecca, crying for its victims saying: “Old, young, men and women who had come together in the grand and global spiritual gathering of the Hajj, but unfortunately fell victim to the incompetence and mismanagement of those in charge.” Mourning for an incident which may happen any day and any other places on this earth, a ridicules and disclosed ploy to escape the charges of 2000 execution in his past two years tenure which is more than any similar period in the past 25 years.

The UNGS reports that more than 2.9 million women reportedly received a warning for failure to observe the dress code appointed by the Islamic laws of Islamic Republic laws and regulations. one can imagine the extent of women harassment in this society that the Rouhani claims in their daily newsletter “Tasnim” quoted the deputy head of the judiciary’s Human Rights Council: “most advanced laws for the protection of human rights are enforced in Iran,” and that these laws put Iran ahead of most of the world in terms of protection of human rights. “but the impact of the UN annual report was too strong to be covered by Rouhani luring words where the report discloses that “…as at 2014, there were reportedly 160 juveniles at risk of execution and at least 13 juvenile offenders were reportedly executed in 2014 and 1 in 2015.” The reports completely question the legitimacy of barbaric hanging in public where it says: ´… that public executions in Iran have a “dehumanizing effect.”

On the other hand, Thousands gathered in Dag Hammerskjold Plaza outside the United Nations just as Rouhani was to speak to the General Assembly on Monday, Sept. 28, 2015. The rally was a show of regret by representatives of both people of the region and local and international figures opposing the appeasement policy of their governments.

The rally was addressed by many speakers all common in saying that Rouhani is part of a regime whose survival is ensured only through daily executions, torture of prisoners, and suppression of women and plundering of social wealth, as well as terrorism and destruction in the region. The rally was urging the international community not to allow the mullahs’ regime to get away with appalling human rights abuses in Iran and the region.

Trying to ignore this huge blows on his regime, Rouhani in his speech tried to exploit and misguide the audience about Iran’s role in the region and human rights abuses as he said: “As we aided the establishment of democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are prepared to help bring about democracy in Syria and also Yemen. We support the consolidation of power through the vote of people rather than with arms. We defend the rule of the majority that respects the rights of minorities.

When a terrorist government with a three decades history of crimes in  his country as well as in the region has caused thousands of executions, murders, homelessness and poverty is applauded in the UN, why not also be polished as a democratic and reasonable  side to deal with over the crisis in the region. Of course, he received his response from the Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi and of course American human loving people and personalities in the Rally ouside the building. They responded to the Rouhani counterfeits in Maryam Rajavi message from Paris as she said:  “…without Iran ceaseless support, neither would the Syrian dictatorship have remained in power today, nor would the Syrian citizens have become homeless and displaced, putting themselves in danger simply to reach the shores of Europe. The main parties responsible for the pain and suffering endured by Syrian refugees and all the Syrian people are Khamenei and Bashar Assad. The people of Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Iran have common enemies and that is why they are united, and despite all the difficulties and bitter experiences.”

Despite all smiling and moderate postures of Rouhani, any trade deals and engagement of this regime in international community must be contingent on ending executions and torture inside the house and withdrawing its military, financial and logestic intervention in the region. This regime must not be allowed in any solution in the crisis in the region where it is actually  the master director and financer of the terrorism and chaos in this region. Let us learn from history and avoid repeating the mistakes. Listen to the people.


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