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Iraq: Reform Package is welcome, go for Iran eviction..By Ramin

| 17.08,15. 10:41 PM |

Iraq: Reform Package is welcome, go for Iran eviction

By Ramin   

World is vigorously watching the aftermath of the Iraqi uprising against corrupt local figures who has dumped the country to the paucity, chaos and dilemma in favor of the rulers in Tehran. Ironically though, Iran has been retreating from its atomic ambitions to keep its own wrecked car on the road.

While welcoming the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s 7-point plan for reforms in Iraq, the European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA)  has welcome and congratulated these courageous and long-overdue measures, but emphasized four additional key actions that must accompany any such reforms:

1.  Prosecution of former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for crimes against humanity, torture, murder and corruption.

2.  Eviction of Iran from all areas in which it has interfered in Iraq. ISIS cannot be defeated, nor order restored in Iraq until the Iranian ‘occupation’ is ended.

3. Confronting and neutralizing the brutal, sectarian Iranian-led Shi’ite militias. No armed forces should be tolerated in Iraq apart from the Iraqi military and the police.

4. Early free and fair elections under UN supervision.

Mr. Struan Stevenson in his statement on behalf of the EIFA reminded that : “The million-people protest marches in Baghdad and other cities across the country and their demands for an end to corruption together with the need for fundamental reforms in Iraq, demonstrated their faith in Dr. Haider al-Abadi and their belief that he will bring about these improvements. The support for fundamental reforms also shown by senior religious leaders in Iraq must now surely redouble Prime Minister al-Abadi’s responsibility for fast-tracking his reform package. The catastrophic depth of corruption in Iraq, particularly during the 8-year tenure of Nouri al-Maliki and the disasters resulting from the Iranian regime taking

control over large swathes of the Iraqi people’s daily lives, has reached the point that if Prime Minister al-Abadi fails to adopt these immediate and comprehensive reforms, he will lose both this golden opportunity and the trust of the Iraqi people.”

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