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What has terrified the little Syrian girl?.. Py: Heshmat Alavi

| 05.08,15. 06:29 AM |

What has terrified the little Syrian girl?
 Py: Heshmat Alavi



On that day ‘Mr. Reporter’ came as always with a heart full of pain, to take pictures and write a report about a Syrian refugee camp. Being their voice has become a cause for him now. Homes turned into rubble by Assad’s bombings, people seen weeping here and there, a father trying to build a shelter for his family from wreckage… These were scenes that Mr. Reporter sees on a daily basis.

He thanked God that the bombings had not started yet and he could a few good pictures in calm, and talk to a few people.

He looked around and from a distance he saw a beautiful little Syrian girl. He went close to her to take a picture, but witnessed something that shattered his heart. The little darling had seen so many scenes of Assad’s foot soldiers killing people that once she saw the camera she thought it was some kind of weapon. Full of fear, she instantly raised both of her arms to the sky in a sign of surrender. The photographer pressed the button and took a picture of her in that very meaningful moment.

On that day, this painful picture – showing the innocence of a little Syrian girl – filled the hearts of every Free Syrian Army fighter with redoubled confidence in victory and toppling Assad from his throne.

After four years of war and horrific crimes, it has now become crystal clear for all that the roots of the misery these innocent children and the war-stricken people of Syria are none other than the meddling and warmongering coming from Iran. These measures by Tehran are aimed at maintaining their rule and prolonging their Islamic fundamentalism dominance in the region. The most important element that continues to renew scenes of fire, war and bloodshed for innocent children and all people across Syria, Yemen, Iraq and … Iran’s mullahs continue to support dictators and criminals such as Assad. Thus, the only solution to end war and bloodshed in the Middle East is to evict Iran from the region. The appeasement policy adopted by the West vis-à-vis the mullahs must be brought to an end to allow the Iranian people and all nations in the Middle East to finally live in peace, stability and security.

Heshmat Alavi is a political activist for peace and freedom and advocates anti-fundamentalism. Follow him on @HeshmatAlavi

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