March 14 to Boycott Dialogue over 'Hizbullah Refusal to Discuss Arms'

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March 14 to Boycott Dialogue over 'Hizbullah Refusal to Discuss Arms'

The March 14 forces announced their boycott of the upcoming national dialogue session over “the refusal of Hizbullah’s leadership to discuss the issue of arms.”

“The conferees discussed the latest stances voiced by Hizbullah’s leadership, which rejected to discuss the issue of the party’s arms and blocked the possibility to seriously address the issue of illegal weapons,” the March 14 forces said after a broad meeting at the Center House in downtown Beirut.

The conferees criticized “the state’s impotence in the face of the Syrian army’s violations, the blocking of roads, the sit-ins, the deliberate propagation of chaos and the occupation of public institutions.”

“Since the first dialogue session until today, dangerous security developments have taken place, the gravest of which was the assassination attempt against MP Sheikh Boutros Harb following the assassination bid against (Lebanese Forces leader) Dr. Samir Geagea,” said the statement.

“Plots to target March 14 leaders, including MP Sami Gemayel and others, were also unveiled, amid the presence of a security incubator created by the government’s refusal to provide security and judicial authorities with the complete telecom data,” the statement added.

The conferees also accused “political sides who are part of government of preventing the interrogation of individuals suspected of involvement in the assassination bid against MP Boutros Harb, despite the unveiling of their identities and places of residence.”

The March 14 forces announced three preconditions to take part in any upcoming dialogue session: “Handing over the complete telecom data, including the IMSI, to the security agencies; lifting the political and factional cover off the suspects; and abiding by the Lebanese Constitution which underlines the exclusive authority of the state over arms.”

“The March 14 forces announce their boycott of the upcoming dialogue session until the aforementioned conditions are met,” said the statement.

The conferees also held the government responsible for the security of “the March 14 figures who are facing a threat,” urging it to “provide immediate and serious protection for them.”

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