Explosions in Damascus to Welcome Annan’s Delegation

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Explosions in Damascus to Welcome Annan’s Delegation

farah news online: Three explosions targeting three different security buildings shook the capital Damascus today. According to state-run media outlets, the explosions killed and injured dozens and were the results of car bombs that were set up by armed terrorists. However, the opposition accused the regime after it has provided evidence implicating the regime in previous explosions especially that they were orchestrated in the same fashion as these ones. Opposition figures pointed out that explosions always take place whenever an international delegation is scheduled to visit Syria, and added that most of the victims are probably unwanted detainees. Lately, the regime has been relying heavily on car bombs and explosions after releasing many al Qaeda, Iraqi and Afghani Jihadists from prisons.
 The regime continued its crackdown on residents of the capital Damascus today in preparation for the arrival of the international delegation, as it raided the neighbourhood of Barzeh again. Regime forces raided the neighbourhood with APCs and AA guns, amid mass arbitrary arrests. Regime forces also raided the Damascus suburb of Zabadani with tanks, APCs and autos carrying mercenaries and militiamen. The militiamen undertook many arbitrary arrests, looted, and wrecked many commercial establishments.
 Assad’s forces killed at least 28 today; most fell in the city of Homs as the regime continued to shell the neighbourhoods of Bab Dreib, Bab Sebaa, Bab Tadmor, Jab Jandali, Deir Baalba, Bayada, and the city of Rastan. Regime forces added Raqa to its list of rebellious cities at it deployed many security personnel and erected dozens of checkpoints across the city.

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