Iranian Reinforcements Cross Suez Canal to Syria

| 19.02,12. 04:46 AM |


Iranian Reinforcements Cross Suez Canal to Syria

Farah News Online: Two Iranian ships crossed the Suez Canal to the Syrian ports in the Mediterranean Sea, after acquiring the required clearances from the Egyptian Armed Forces. The destroyer and supply ships are most likely transferring more troops and weapons to the regime.
 The Assad regime continued shelling the city of Homs with tanks, artillery and missiles. According to activists, shells hit the neighbourhoods of Baba Amr, Khaldiya, Bayada, Inshaat, and Karm Zaitoun at a rate of four shells per minute, while warplanes continued to circulate the skies. SNC President Burhan Ghalioun said that the Syrian regime distributed gas masks to its forces in Homs. At the same time, reports of Russian technicians supervising the use of chemical weapons circulated last week, all pointing to a looming massacre.
 In the province of Daraa, Assad forces randomly shelled the city of Bosr Harir and towns of Jiza and Tafas amidst heavy machinegun fire, while twelve soldiers were executed on the spot for defecting.
 Assad’s forces killed at least 56 today, in what was called the National Resistance Friday, deemed to encourage civilian resistance. Defections were reported at a checkpoint in the Aleppo suburb of Atareb resulting in clashes with regime’s forces which brought in more tanks. Meanwhile, in the Capital Damascus, regime forces opened fire at residents of the neighbourhood of Mazeh, and suburbs of Kesweh and Kanaker.

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