Centrists Reject FPM’s Accusations for ‘Stirring Tension’

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Centrists Reject FPM’s Accusations for ‘Stirring Tension’

Premier Najib Miqati and Social Affairs Minister Wael Abou Faour, who is loyal to Progressive Socialist Party chief Walid Jumblat, have rejected accusations that they were hindering the implementation of vital projects.

In remarks to As Safir daily, sources close to Miqati said: “It is absolutely rejected to accuse the cabinet of hindering projects.”

“It is necessary to stop the wrangling that serves no one and doesn’t lead to any result,”’ they said, stressing that disputes should be resolved in the cabinet rather than launching counter accusations through the media.

The sources were referring to the latest campaign by Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun and his son-in-law Energy Minister Jebran Bassil who have accused “certain parties” of putting sticks in the wheels of the minister’s electricity plan.

They are mainly referring to Miqati and his centrist allies – ministers representing Jumblat’s bloc – in the Hizbullah-led government.

President Michel Suleiman met on Monday with Jumblat who delegated Abou Faour to the Grand Serail for talks with Miqati.

The social affairs minister told As Safir that he will stir Aoun’s latest campaign during the cabinet session on Tuesday, vowing not to remain silent to his accusations.

Aoun and Bassil have called for demonstrations against severe power rationing, hinting that ministers loyal to Jumblat were hindering the implementation of a $1.2 billion electricity project.

“The government and its members shouldn’t be dealt with this way,” Abou Faour said, adding that it “represents a wide range of political forces which means that not a single side can impose its viewpoint on the others.”

He also slammed Aoun for launching accusations against the PSP every time it expresses a point of view different than his.

Abou Faour accused the FPM chief of “stirring political tension” and hindering the work of the government at a time when the Lebanese are looking forward for a cabinet effort to prioritize their daily issues.

Bassil, however, snapped back at the critics of the FPM, dubbing Jumblat without naming him as “moody.”

“Moodiness is a trademark for others given that we are known for holding onto our stances and not changing them in accordance with the circumstances,” he told As Safir.


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