March 14 condemns the official mum over Wadi Khaled incident

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March 14 condemns the official mum over Wadi Khaled incident


The March 14 Forces Secretariat General warned, Wednesday, against linking Lebanon’s security to Syria’s.

Following its weekly meeting, March 14 Forces slammed the cabinet and Higher Defense Council’s silence over the “delay” in the investigation of the killing of three Lebanese nationals by Syrian forces near Wadi Khaled in late December.

“We object the Lebanese government and the Higher Defense Council’s silence on developments,” continued the statement.

Last week, three Lebanese died of their injuries after being shot and wounded by Syrian troops at a border crossing near the Akkar town of Wadi Khaled.

March 14 also held the cabinet responsible for confronting Syrian security breaches in Lebanon and protecting Lebanese citizens.

March 14 also slammed allegations that Al-Qaeda members are present in Lebanon.

Last month, Ghosn warned that Al-Qaeda members were present in Lebanon’s Aarsal and were infiltrating Syria. A few days after his comments, 44 people were killed in Damascus bombings that the Syrian regime blamed on terrorist organizations.

However, reports that Al-Qaeda members are present in Lebanon have not been confirmed.

March 14 Secretariat General also considered U.N. Chief Ban Ki-moon’s scheduled visit to Lebanon as a reminder that implementing U.N. Security Council resolutions are important to end the arms chaos in the country.

It said that the visit will be an opportunity to remind the Lebanese, Arab and international communities that the “full implementation of U.N. Security Council resolutions on Lebanon will put an end to the arms chaos and the lack of control on the Lebanese-Syrian border.”

The Secretariat General praised the Syrian people, who are facing “a cruel violent campaign launched by the Syrian regime” despite the presence of Arab League monitors.

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