Syrian Forces Kill 4, including Child

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Syrian Forces Kill 4, including Child


Syrian security forces, ordered to suppress protests against the regime, on Wednesday killed another four civilians, including a child, a human rights group said.

"One civilian has been killed by shooting by the security forces in Barze district of Damascus, where the noise of gunfire could be heard for half an hour at dawn," said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

"Three civilians, including a child, perished under the bullets of the regime's forces and 10 others were wounded at Inkhel," in the southern Daraa region, birthplace of the protests against President Bashar Assad.

In the central flashpoint city of Homs -- under siege by the military -- security forces on Wednesday pursued checks, questioning and arrests in the Khaldiye and al-Shammas neighborhoods in their search for pro-democracy militants, the Observatory said.

The Britain-based Observatory said 20 people -- eight soldiers and 12 civilians -- were killed across the country on Tuesday alone, among them a young girl who died in Homs.

Last week, the Assad regime signed up to an Arab League peace plan which called for an end to violence, the release of those detained for protesting, and withdrawal of all Syrian forces from towns and cities.

But since then, according to the United Nations, Syrian forces have killed another 60 people, adding to the U.N. estimate of 3,500 who have died in the crackdown on protests which erupted in mid-March.

The opposition Syrian National Council -- an umbrella body grouping most of the pro-democracy currents -- has urged the Arab League "to take a strong and effective position against the Syrian regime commensurate with the dangerous development of the situation in Syria, especially in... Homs."

It wants the League to freeze Syria's membership, impose economic and diplomatic sanctions, and seek the referral of allegations of genocide and other human rights violations by the regime to the International Criminal Court.


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