Goulburn prison escapee Beau Wiles arrested after highway patrol stops vehicle

A man who escaped from a work area outside the minimum security section of Goulburn Correctional Centre in New South Wales has been arrested

Rouhani souvenirs for UN: decades of deadly meddling in the Middle East

Hassan Rouhani, the president selected by the supreme leader in Iran, is once again in New York to take part in this year’s United Nations General Assembly marking the 70th anniversary of this world body

Solution to Syria crisis: Iran eviction

'With more than 442,440 refugees and migrants having arrived via the Mediterranean so far this year, some 2,921 deaths, and 4,000 people arriving on the Greek islands daily

Executions in Iran: Tool used to maintain theocracy on the throne..BYHeshmat Alavi

Iran is becoming more and more defiant each day in hanging men and women,

especially the youth, before the eyes of the entire world. The question is

Modern Iran History Speaks Out By: Heshmat Alavi

July and August 1988 will never be forgotten in the history of Iranian prisoners under Khomeini’s regime. From late July of that year Khomeini launched one of the most atrocious inhumane crimes: the horrific massacre of 30,000 political prisoners

Iraq: Reform Package is welcome, go for Iran eviction..By Ramin

World is vigorously watching the aftermath of the Iraqi uprising against corrupt local figures who has dumped the country to the paucity, chaos and dilemma in favor of the rulers in Tehran

Iraq: Iran eviction from Middle East, the only solution for peace.. By Heshmat Alavi

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and its special-ops unit known as the Quds Force under the command of Qassem Suleimani, along with Iran-backed militants with various names and identities in Lebanon

What has terrified the little Syrian girl?.. Py: Heshmat Alavi

On that day ‘Mr. Reporter’ came as always with a heart full of pain, to take pictures and write a report about a Syrian refugee camp. Being their voice has become a cause for him now. Homes turned into rubble by Assad’s bombing

An Open Petition To The Immoral And Corrupt Judges Of The United States Court Of Appeals For The Third Circuit..By: /s/Assem A. Abulkhair, Pro Se

Accept this concise letter in lieu of a more formal petition in support of the Appellant Abulkhair's Petition for Rehearing to revisit your unprecedented "historical" wrong ruling that completely in an obvious deviation of the Rule of Law and the Rules of Court for which the outcome is obviously well known to the undersigned

Middle East impasse: next crisis after nuclear deal..Byheshmat alavi

While insecurity and instability have engulfed Iraq, all eyes are focused on the roots and elements instigating the status quo. The Iranian regime, after being forced to give in to the recent nuclear agreement

Iraq resorts to cruel measures to increase pressure on Iranian dissidents ..By: Heshmat Alavi

While all Iraqis are seeking cover from the scorching summer heat that has driven temperatures up to 50°C and added to the already difficult 16-hour fasting period during the holy month of Ramadan

Melbourne house prices tipped to dive, while Sydney's climb then plateau

Melbourne house prices are set to fall 9 per cent, while Sydney prices continue to climb and then hold their value, analysis has found.

Paris – Conference on “Democratic and Tolerant Islam against Fundamentalism, Religious Dictatorship” By:Heshmat Alavi

Mrs. Rajavi was the key speaker to the conference “Democratic and Tolerant Islam against Fundamentalist, Religious Dictatorship” in Paris that was held at the invitation and support of the French Muslims Committee

US concessions, push Iran closer to the Bomb. By:Heshmat Alavi

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) addressed a huge crowd of over ten thousand of her supporters near the French capital, Paris

Iranian exiles calls for non-nuclear, democratic Iran By:Ramin Jalali

On Saturday, June 13, Paris was the scene of the annual meeting of Iranian exiles. It was the largest Iranian gathering ever. Tens of thousands Iranian exiles from diverse communities across the globe

Iranians gather in Paris to introduce their option By:Heshmat Alavi

As the barbaric version of Islam is demonstrating its savagery, mainly highlighted by ISIS and militia groups in Syria and Iraq on the one hand

Iranian diaspora prepare for annual gathering By:Heshmat Alavi

As the June 30 deadline approaches for a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian regime’s nuclear program, Iranian people abroad are to show up in their annual grand gathering in the Villepinte Hall in Paris on June 13, 2015

Does Mr. Obama know what an Ayatollah mean? By:Heshmat Alavi

In the June 2009 uprising against the religious dictatorship, the Iranian people also addressed Mr. Obama as, “Obama are you with them or with us?”

Invitation to the June 13, 2015 Gathering in Villepinte Paris By: Heshmat Alavi

The Middle East is in state of peril and chaos that is unprecedented in recent history. There are wars raging in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, and these are increasingly taking on the appearance of one overarching sectarian conflict