An Open Notice To The IMF Director To Cease And Desist All Egyptian Corrupt Loans>>By Assem A. Abulkhair

Egyptian People, reject the International Loan requested by the Egyptian Government in the amount of $12 billion dollars and any future corrupt loans, as we did the same with the previous ousted government

Iraq: 3000 tribal sheikhs call for protection of Camp Liberty residents..By Keyvan Salami

3,000 Iraqi tribal sheikhs issued a statement declaring: “We, members of the National Council for Tribes of Iraq and signatories of this statement consider the full eviction of the Iranian regime

Jordan Parliament Takes Side with Iranian Resistance

Seventy seven Members of the 17th Jordanian Parliament, establishing a majority of this council, signed a joint statement expressing their fret on Iran’s meddling in the region and calling for guaranteed safety and security for Camp Liberty residents in Baghdad until their ultimate departure from Iraq

Javad Zarif in Europe Begging for Bargain with The Iran’s ..MullahsBy: Keyvan Salami

Europe hosts this week Iran’s Foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif. He has plans to visit Poland, Finland, and Sweden. The trip has fueled criticisms from many concerned parties curious about Iran’s huge record of terrorism

Syria: Will Bashar Assad Repeat His Father’s 1982 Massacre?

The recent riot in Hama Central Prison and talks of a possible massacre of the prisoners by Bashar Assad has revived memoirs of the tragic 1982 massacre led by then Syrian president Hafez Assad and his brother Raf’at

Call for formation of an international committee to investigate crimes of Iranian regime in Camp Ashraf

In a program broadcasted on April 22 and 23 on the prisons and torture centers of the paramilitary forces affiliated with the Iranian regime in Iraq and on the massacre of innocent people, especially the Sunni

Iran Ramping up Proxy Forces in Syria By: Heshmat Alavi

It was a bad news for Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, when Russia pulled out its forces from Syria while the forces opposing the rule of President Bashar Assad were making headway.

Iran profoundly anxious with Muqtada Sadr’s move in Iraq..By: Keyvan Salami

After Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced a bold new package of reforms last August, the increasingly sectarian nature of this country’s politics – as a result of Iran’s heavy influence and meddling – has riddled

U.S. Congress: Resolution for MEK protection in Camp Liberty..BY Keyvan Salami

A number of prominent members of the United States House of Representatives have submitted a new resolution concerning the rights of those members the People's Mujahidin Organization of Iran (PMOI

How Iran will lose big as Russia abruptly pulls out of Syria..By Heshmat Alavi

In a major turn of events Russian troops have started pulling out of Syria after a 6-month long deadly air campaign. Russia began airstrikes in support of the Bashar Assad regime back in September 2015

Iran’s Gloomy Reply to West Illusions of Change.. By Keyvan Salami

Iran “elections” resulted to a substantial blow to the epicenter of power in the clerical rule.  This has as anticipated, it has weekend the regime more than ever before. Iran’s rash suppressive measures and regional frantic

40 political prisoners in Iran urge UN to extend investigator’s mandate

As the United Nations Human Rights Council holds its latest session in Geneva, some 40 Iranian political prisoners have written to the council urging it to extend the mandate of Ahmed Shaheed, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran

Jesus Is Not The Lord And Can Never Ever Be..Assem A. Abulkhair

Although the undersigned is not a TV person, he was appalling by the false allegations introduced within an advertising program promoting a religious book

Iran Ceremonies in Iraq: Plundering people’s wealth no longer heals any wounds for falling Iranian regime By: Keyvan Salami

All Iranian people and movements celebrate the 1979 revolution and the entire nation, and all Iranians abroad remind each other that the February 11th revolution has not been forgotten

Iran again resorting to its pond in Iraq ..By Keyvan Salami

While the entire globe is focused on the ominous phenomenon known as Daesh (the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State) and specifically developments in Syria

Iraqi Forces Retaking Ramadi, a blow to Tehran’s meddling and aspirations in Iraq By: Keyvan Salami

Iraqi forces have now taken over the city of Ramadi in the restive province of Anbar, located west of Baghdad in Sunni heartland

Darwin robbery suspect arrested naked on Stuart Highway

A naked man has been dramatically taken into custody on the Northern Territory's main highway after a police search for the suspect in the theft of a family's trailer

To overcome ISIS, first deal with Assad in Syria..By Heshmat Alavi

2015 has been described as a very difficult year for the Middle East, with the region engulfed with bloodbaths throughout Syria, Iraq and Yemen. The world witnessed ISIS and their Dark Age-style rule gain strength