Brussels-Iranians gather to support regime change and freedom in Iran

NCRI President Maryam Rajavi called on the European Union to designate Iran’s IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) as terrorist organizations

UN says Saudi Arabia responsible for Khashoggi murder

A UN report on Wednesday said the murder last fall in Istanbul of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi "constituted an extrajudicial killing" for which "Saudi Arabia is responsible" 

The United States is targeting the second largest Financial Source of Support for terrorism in Iran

As part of a series of sanctions, the White House announced new sanctions targeting the Iranian mullahs’ energetic petrochemical industry

There is a Crisis in Iran The mullahs' regime faces an economic-social crisis that could expose it to overthrow

Mullahs' Regime in Iran faces with several crises, all of which have the potential to trigger major protests, and that was before the announcement of new sanctions by the United States targeting the regime’s oil and metal sectors.

Iran-At a Critical Geopolitical Point

Considering the social-political status of Iran and its rulers' fearing on a very explosive-like situation inside and outside the nations makes this fact visible that ending days of the ruling mullahs are numbered

BOM predicts NSW and ACT temperatures to plummet as cold snap sweeps through

Temperatures across NSW and the ACT are expected to plunge by up to 10 degrees Celsius, as a cold front brings gusty winds a snow falls to some parts of the state on Friday

The Hezbollah Sleeper Agent Busted for Black Ops in America

Naomi Rodriguez is an emergency medical technician who works 12-hour shifts in the streets of The Bronx, so she immediately recognized the irony when the unremarkable-looking man who lived one floor above her was alleged to be a terrorist sleeper agent

Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader Controls the Most Corrupted Financial System

By ending more than 6 weeks of a devastating flood that hit 2/3 of Iran’s cities and villages, still, the Iranian Government is inactive. There have been three rounds of flood strikes hitting on the Iranian Cities. Still not any real

International Music Festival of Tyre , a tribute to Melhem Barakat

The Third edition of the International Music Festival of Tyre, at the Lebanese National Theater in Tyre from 27 to 30 of April in the city of South Lebanon is dedicated to the great artist Melhem Barakat

Two weeks after the floods the situation in Iran remains highly critical

It was a real tragedy for villagers and farmers in Dasht-e Azadegan County, Khouzistan Province (southwestern Iran)," said the director of the County's Cooperative for Agriculture and Natural Resources, a state organization responsible for agricultural land management

Media flak directed at Ilhan Omar no surprise at all

Apart from protecting Israel from criticism, the smear campaign directed against Omar is merely an attempt to stifle this new wave of youthful political activism, which paved the way for greater representation of minority groups and women in the U.S.

Iran: popular anger at the negligence of authorities for deadly flood

Heavy flooding caused by heavy rains has killed at least 150 people in 25 provinces in Iran 

Christchurch shootings mark 'unprecedented act of violence', New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has condemned shootings in two Christchurch mosques as an "extrodinary and unprecedented act of violence"


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s 3-day visit to Iraq should sound alarm bells across the Middle East. Rouhani, who is often portrayed as a reformist and a moderate by the western media, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Assad can still be brought to justice – and Europe’s role is crucial

The hope must be that criminal justice will one day close in on Syria’s murderous dictator Bashar al-Assad, his henchmen and his enablers. And on that front, there’s been some good news recently

Iran: teachers, Educators Retirees Launch Protests in Front of Parliament

As reported by PMOI  on Sunday Feb.24, 2019 a large crowd of Iranian teachers, educators and retired public sector workers gathered in front of the parliament to protest against the regime’s incompetence and neglect in responding to their most basic demands

Poland Conference and "Resistance Units" in Iran

After the nationwide uprising in Dec 2017, protest and strike expanded in Iran due to the corruption, inflation, Incompetence of the authorities

Iranian Diplomat Chats His Terror Plan with Tehran Officials

Evidence of Iranian official under diplomatic cover Asadollah Asadis' contacts with the regime officials  are recorded chats, that have been collected by European intelligence services,”

Iran: Tsunami of Poverty is Being Inflicted on the Society

tsunamis can cause death and devastation and have become painfully clear over the past two decades. Earthquakes, like the recent Haitian and Chilean monsters, are not subtle events

Iran: Friday Prayers Sermons Pave the Way For the Crackdown on Protesters

Friday Prayers are traditionally a gathering point in Iran's cities. The government buses take Basij militia, soldiers, IRGC members and their families, government authorities and their supporters to a large area prepared in advance with enough security