PM urges a harder line on pub, club hours

KEVIN Rudd says he wants state governments to limit opening hours of pubs and clubs, saying it is time to take "a harder line" against venues being able to sell alcohol until 7am

Kim Beazley could be next US ambassador

FORMER federal Labor leader Kim Beazley could be Australia's next ambassador to the US, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has hinted

Wayne Swan warns of bank rate rises independent of RBA

FEDERAL Treasurer Wayne Swan has warned retail banks may be forced to raise rates independent of any action by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Rudd fires up oil and gas producers on Gorgon project

KEVIN Rudd lavished incentives on the firms behind WA's proposed $50 billion Gorgon LNG project yesterday, hoping to shore up investor support.

Second emergency landing for Qantas jet

A QANTAS jumbo jet - the same plane involved in a frightening mid-air explosion last July - has made an emergency landing in Perth because of a fuel leak

Dog in Northern Territory given parking ticket

The blue heeler was tied to a fence outside Darwin's Rapid Creek market  when it was approached by two city council traffic wardens

Asthma major cause of disease burden

CHILDREN bear the brunt of asthma's impact on the nation's health, according to an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) report

UN reports slams Australian gang laws

THE author of a United Nations report on criminal gangs in the Pacific Rim said Australian state legislation

John Della Bosca in sex scandal

NEW South Wales Health Minister John Della Bosca has "taken his medicine" but will stay on in Parliament despite resigning the ministry last night

Rudd health system shake-up calls for 'pay per cure'

DOCTORS should be paid on the basis of making their patients healthier rather than just the number they see because the current system is failing.

Brother, sister and father killed in 'suspicious' car crash

A BROTHER and sister killed in a car crash with their father could have been the victims of a murder-suicide, police believe

Missing minister Tim Holding found alive on mountain

VICTORIAN Government minister Tim Holding has been found alive by searchers on Mt Feathertop in the state's northeast, police say

Police shoot dead robbery suspect at Canley Heights Hotel

FATAL shooting ... Police have formed a critical incident investigation after a police officer shot dead an armed robbery suspect at the Canley Heights Hotel

Minister Kate Ellis' taxi fare farce - $200 for a cab to wait

SPORTS Minister Kate Ellis ran up a cab fare of more than $200 after leaving a Port Macquarie driver waiting for four hours

Search resumes for minister

THE search for a Victorian government minister will resume at daybreak with the experienced bushwalker spending a second freezing night lost in Victoria's rugged high country

Red Bull charges towards school

RED Bull "ambassadors" brazenly took samples of the high-caffeine energy drink into a public high school which had banned the product on health grounds.

خطة أستراليا لتجنيس رياضيين أجانب تفتح النيران عليها

لاقت خطة أستراليا لمنح الرياضيين المتميزين جنسية البلاد في فترة زمنية تصل لنصف الفترة التي يستغرقها المهاجرون الآخرون هجوما كبيرا اليوم الاثنين ووصفت بأنها طريقة رخيصة للفوز بالميداليات الأولمبية

مسافر يضطر لقيادة طائرة خفيفة في أستراليا بعد أن فقد الطيار وعيه

سدني : وجد راكب طائرة خفيفة في أستراليا نفسه مضطرا لقيادة الطائرة بعد أن فقد قائد الطائرة وعيه ولم يكن على متنها سواه

Ramshackle Rees drags NSW down in investment opportunities

BUSINESS groups have warned Premier Nathan Rees that his inability to pull his mutinous Government into line is tainting the state and cruelling investment.

Winds may fan bushfires threatening homes

FIREFIGHTERS are bracing for erratic winds that could push bushfires closer to homes already under threat on the NSW south coast