Murder charge after newborn drowned, cut in half

A WOMAN accused of drowning a newborn baby before cutting it in half has faced a committal hearing in far north Queensland.

NSW Parole Authority free Phillip Choon Tee Lim after 18-year minimum sentence for killing heart surgeon Victor Chang

ONE of the killers of world-leading heart surgeon Victor Chang has been granted early release from jail - because he behaved himself behind bars

Banks send customers' personal details overseas

ANGRY customers are urging the Federal Government to stop the big banks from sending their personal details to offshore processing centres

Mathematics skills out for the count

AUSTRALIA is falling seriously behind other nations in mathematics, with leaders in the field saying greater emphasis on the subject is needed to lift standards in schools

Cemetery land crisis forces radical State Government burial solution

LARGE burial sites of unmarked graves on privately-owned farmland are being considered by the State Government as part of a radical plan to address a critical shortage of cemetery space

Call to ban cough medicine

COUGH and cold medicines for children aged under six face being banned from over-the-counter sales.

Asylum-seekers arrive by plane, not boat

EVERY day, at least 13 asylum-seekers enter Australia through airports, representing 30 times the number of boat people that are supposedly "flooding" across our maritime borders.

Rudd's relief corps will be on standby

A REGISTRY of medical and other professionals willing to leave immediately to assist in regional disasters will be created by the Federal Government

NSW police caught emailing pornography

 POLICE officers will be given new email etiquette guidelines following a blowout in complaints about pornographic and racist content being sent on computers.

طالب جامعي سعودي عضوا في أعلى مجلس لجامعة أسترالية

حقق الطالب حسن جعبور الحازمي إنجازاً وطنياً بعد أن نال ثقة جامعة جريفث بولاية كوينزلاند الاسترالية حيث تم انتخابه عضوا بمجلس الجامعة لمدة عامين

Two arrested after Coolaroo shooting

A MAN and woman in their 30s have been arrested after shots were fired through the windscreen of a car following an argument in Melbourne's north

HSC religious question unfair, students say

DISTRAUGHT HSC candidates have accused the Board of Studies of setting an unfair exam by including questions about subject matter not included in the syllabus

 house prices double in a decade

FOR those who prefer the safety of bricks and mortar to the sharemarket, it has been a stellar decade - Sydney's property prices have doubled

Mad Max to the rescue of Aussie film industry

THE original Mad Max put the Australian film industry on the map and launched the career of one of our most recognised actors, Mel Gibson

Swiping your cash is too easy in Australia

WHEN Michael Souri received an answering machine message to call his bank's "security division" one evening this month, he thought he had done something wrong

Liberal Party chases Hazem El Masri to run in Morris Iemma's former seat of Lakemba

RETIRED rugby league star Hazem El Masri is the first target of a Liberal Party secret six-member "2011 Committee" hoping to wrest government from the struggling ALP

توقيف رجل دين إيراني بعث برسائل «كراهية» إلى عائلات جنود قتلى

أوقفت السلطات الأسترالية رجل الدين المسلم الإيراني الأصل شيخ هارون بسبب إرساله خطابات تنم عن كراهية الى عائلات سبعة جنود أستراليين قتلوا في أفغانستان

14 arrested as hostage drama leads to inner-city Sydney lockdown

A WOMAN was among 14 people arrested when a hostage drama led to police shutting down several inner-city Sydney streets today

Sydney farewells TV legend Don Lane

TV legend Don Lane was farewelled today by his close showbiz partner Bert Newton and a clutch of fifty mourners at his Sydney funeral

Man dies in horror crash as baby survives in separate miracle

A BABY boy has been found alive in the wreckage of a car crash that killed two people in central western NSW