Dannii: I stripped to pay debt

X-FACTOR judge Dannii Minogue has revealed she stripped naked for Playboy to pay off her crippling debts

Senior Lib questions Muslim immigration

Immigration minister Kevin Andrews says Australia should have a serious discussion about the growth of its Muslim population

Kevin Rudd flags takeover of cities

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wants to intervene in urban planning - usually the preserve of state and local governments - to make sure cities are well-run and climate change-proof

Fire risk on call

A STATEWIDE phone warning system will be in operation for the bushfire season with plans under way for a huge testing exercise to be held in high-risk areas in late November

Home raided over body in barrel

POLICE have raided a home in Melbourne's north connected to the disappearance of a grandmother after the discovery of female remains in a barrel yesterday

Medicare cataract rebate scrapped by the Senate

THE Medicare rebate for cataract surgery has been scrapped by the Senate and from Monday 2600 patients a week will have to pay up to $3000 to have their sight restored

'Starving' baby bashed to death'

THE crumpled body of a six-week-old baby was rushed to Royal Darwin Hospital yesterday but he was declared dead on arrival

Body bag clue in murder mystery

POLICE are investigating the origin of a forensic-style body bag found to contain human remains in bushland on Sydney's Northern Beaches late yesterday

Parking's a steal in Sydney

JUST as a crowd was admiring a Maui van boxed in by Sydney's tightest parkers, one of the city's thieves wandered up and stole the show

Dr Victor Chang's killer must be kept in jail

THE family of murdered heart surgeon Dr Victor Chang will unite with the State Government to demand his killer be kept behind bars

Teenager dies, three girls hurt in head

 A LEARNER driver killed this morning and her three girlfriends seriously injured were on their way to Queensland to avoid problems back home, police said

Another Titanic expedition possible in 2010

THE company that has exclusive rights to salvage the Titanic wants to make another expedition to the world's most famous shipwreck in 2010

ACCC probes online shopping sites

ONLINE shopping websites have been put on notice over misleading refund and warranty policies

Make evacuation plans

URGENT action to cope with the impact of rising sea levels needs to start now, including improving evacuation routes for coastal communities during extreme storms and flooding

Conroy blunder could damage Telstra

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has accidentally released a confidential report containing potentially damaging and embarrassing details about Telstra

غضب في أستراليا إزاء إطلاق سراح قاتل جراح قلب عالمي

استجابت الحكومة الأسترالية اليوم لمشاعر الغضب التي تسود المجتمع الأسترالي وقررت تأجيل إطلاق سراح قاتل جراح زراعة القلب العالمي فيكتور تشانج

Sydney sex case told 10 women allegedly assaulted in 4 days

POLICE have released a disturbing list of sex assault charges against a Sydney man, including an alleged attack on a 16-year-old girl

Murder charge after newborn drowned, cut in half

A WOMAN accused of drowning a newborn baby before cutting it in half has faced a committal hearing in far north Queensland.

NSW Parole Authority free Phillip Choon Tee Lim after 18-year minimum sentence for killing heart surgeon Victor Chang

ONE of the killers of world-leading heart surgeon Victor Chang has been granted early release from jail - because he behaved himself behind bars

Banks send customers' personal details overseas

ANGRY customers are urging the Federal Government to stop the big banks from sending their personal details to offshore processing centres