Turkish president hailed for supporting Rohingyas

Pakistani schoolchildren have thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan supporting Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Iran Uprising-No. 50 : Burning Khamenei’s image; protests by plundered people and poor Kurdish porters

several people from Robat Karim (Tehran Province) protested against high prices. The protesters, a major part of whom were women, chanted slogans against the regime.

Two injured in fire on roof of Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York

TWO people have been injured after a fire broke out on the roof of Trump Tower in Manhattan, the New York Fire Department has confirmed

90 students detained in Iran protests: Lawmaker

At least 90 students have been detained since protests began in Iran last week, according to an Iranian lawmaker

Radical Buddhists ask a Rohingya young man to serve them and then cut him with a chisel

One of them try hitting me to the head with a machete and i tried to avoid it, but it hit me on my shoulder and caused a wound in which I screamed with the severity of pain

Liverpool car park fire destroys more than 1,000 vehicles, photos reveal aftermath

UK police have released eerie images of a Liverpool car park that was engulfed by a massive fire on New Year's Eve, destroying more than 1,000 vehicles

Turkish NGO aims to build 2,000 houses for Rohingya

A Turkey-based aid agency is aiming to build a total of 2,000 houses as part of a housing project designed for Rohingya Muslims, a statement said

Nationwide Uprisings continue for fifth consecutive day in 50 cities of Iran

the Iranian nationwide uprisings continued for the fifth consecutive day in 50 cities with slogans targeting the entire Iranian regime

Iran Uprising-No. 18 ..The uprising gets more widespread on the fourth day

The scope of the uprising against the mullahs’ regime continues to spread and includes vaster parts of Iran

Iran warns of crackdown against protesters as anger grows over economy, corruption

Iran has blocked access to Instagram and a popular messaging app used by activists to organise and publicise the protests now roiling the Islamic Republic, as authorities said two demonstrators had been killed overnight in the first deaths attributed to the rallies

Egyptian court sentences Morsi to 3 years in jail

An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced former President Mohamed Morsi and 19 others to three years in jail in an “insulting judiciary” case, a judiciary source said

Thousands Chant "Death to Dictator" "Death to Rouhani" in Iranian Cities

Iranians angry over rising food prices and inflation protested in the country’s second-largest city and other areas Thursday, putting new pressure on President Hassan Rouhani as his signature nuclear deal with world powers remains in peril.

Emergency evacuations begin from Syria’s Eastern Ghouta

The evacuation of emergency medical cases from Syria’s embattled Eastern Ghouta district, a suburb of Damascus, has officially begun, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Lebanese demand release of jailed Palestinian teenager

Arrest, abuse of Palestinian minors by Israel is ‘tantamount to war crime’, Lebanese rights activist says

t Tuesday, Israeli forces arrested 17-year-old Ahed al-Tamimi in an overnight raid carried out in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh

Assad regime drops over 68,000 barrel bombs: Report

Over 10,700 civilians killed from 2012-2017 in regime attacks, says London-based Syrian Network for Human Rights

Deadly typhoon kills over 130 in Philippines

More than 130 people have been killed as tropical storm Vinta, also known as Tembin, caused massive landslides and flash floods in various parts of southern Philippines, local officials said Saturday

Turkish aid agency reaches Syrian baby Karim

Two-month-old Karim Abdallah, who lost both his left eye and his mother in an air strike last month on the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, has become a symbol of resistance to Bashar al-Assad's regime

Iran: Execution of ten prisoners, including five youths, in two days ..High school student, 21-year-old woman sentenced to death

Coinciding with the 64th United Nations resolution condemning human rights violations in Iran, the mullahs’ regime hanged at least ten prisoners on December . Seven of these individuals were mass executed in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran

Families of Russian mercenaries killed in Syria left in the dark about their loved ones’ fate

In early October, "Islamic state" published a video showing captured Russians Grigoriy Tsurkanu and Roman Zabolotniy. Russian authorities evaded the issue of Russian captives

US sanctions Myanmar general over 'ethnic cleansing'

The U.S. on Thursday imposed sanctions on a top general in Myanmar for his role in atrocities against Rohingya Muslims