Damascus Is Shaking

 Regime brought in more reinforcements to the Eastern Ghouta area in the suburbs of Damascus

 Syria Rebels Say Clashes Inching Closer to Capital

Fierce clashes approached the Syrian capital on Sunday as fresh violence across the country killed at least 59 civilians, 31 regime troops and nine army deserters, according to activists

SNC Statement to the Syrian Expatriate and International Community

The Syrian National Council (SNC) salutes the brave Syrian people, who are in the midst of one of the greatest revolutions the modern world has seen

UNSC Discussed a Power-Sharing Draft Resolution For Syria

UNSC held a session to discuss an Arab League draft resolution aimed at resolving the “Syrian crisis”, as the draft resolution called for transferring all powers from Bashar Assad to the Vice-President Faruq al-Sharaa. The resolution also called for elections

Revolutionaries Capture Iranian Agents and the Regime Commits Another Horrific Massacre-Video

The revolutionaries in Homs belonging to the Farouq Brigade announced that seven Iranians were captured; five of them were members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard including one officer

Chirac visits Hariri at the hospital

Former French President Jacques Chirac visited Wednesday Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri at the American hospital in Paris, to check on his health after the leg surgery he underwent following his ski accident

March 14 urge cabinet to summon Syrian ambassador

The March 14 General Secretariat condemned on Wednesday the government’s policy of “distancing itself” from the Syrian developments

Russia Says It Cannot Help Assad’s Regime Anymore but Sells It 36 Jetfighters

A Russian Kremlin official stated that there is nothing more Russia could do for the Assad regime, leaving a potential shift in Russia’s current Syria policy

GCC States to Pull Observers from Syria, Call for U.N. Pressure

Gulf Arab states have decided to pull their observers sent to Syria as part of an Arab League mission out of the restive country, they announced in a joint official statement on Tuesday

Arab League Calls for a Unity Government Headed by VP Farouq al-Sharea

The Arab League called for a Syrian national unity government to be formed by the current government and the opposition. The unity government, led by current Vice President Farouq al-Sharea

4 Dead, 20 Hurt as Gadhafi Loyalists Recapture Bani Walid

Diehard supporters of slain Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi seized control Monday of "the entire city of Bani Walid", his one-time bastion, after launching a deadly brazen attack on a military base there, a local official told Agence France Presse

Arab Panel Backs Extending Syria Mission

The Arab League ministerial panel on Syria has recommended that foreign ministers of the 22-member bloc extend its much criticized observer mission in Syria by a month when they meet later on Sunday, a League official said

Syrian Forces Kill More than 50 Civilian as Dissidents Clash with Troops

A roadside bomb killed 15 detainees being transported in a Syrian prison truck in Idlib province in the northwest on Saturday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said

SNC Officially Calls For UNSC Intervention

The SNC officially requested the Arab League to defer the Syrian issue to the UNSC, accusing the Assad regime of genocide and other crimes against humanity

Syrian Forces Kill Lebanese Fisherman, Wound Another

A 14-year-old Lebanese boy was shot and fatally wounded after gunmen opened fire on a fishing boat on the maritime border with Syria on Saturday

Hariri Breaks Leg while Skiing in French Alps

Former Saad Hariri broke his left leg while skiing in the French Alps, said his press office in a statement on Saturday

Egypt's Islamist parties win elections to parliament

The final results in Egypt's first post-Mubarak parliamentary elections confirm an overwhelming victory for Islamist parties

Arab League to Extend Observers Mission and SNC Demands UNSC Referral

An Arab League source stated that the League is expected to extend the Observers Mission in Syria for another month and keeping the current number at 150 observers

SNC Delegation Visits Arab League in Cairo

the Syrian National Council’s (SNC) Executive Office, led by Dr. Burhan Ghalioun, headed to Cairo to meet with the Arab League Secretary-General, Mr. Nabil El-Araby, and the Arab Ministerial Committee

13 Dead as Syrians Rally in Support of 'Revolution Prisoners'

Syrian security forces on Friday killed 13 people across the country, activists said, as pressure mounted on the Arab League to seek U.N