Cameraman Killed as Al-Jadeed Crew Comes Under Gunfire from Syria

Al-Jadeed TV cameraman Ali Shaaban was killed on Monday in the northern border area of Wadi Khaled when he and two of his colleagues came under gunfire from the Syrian side of the border

Hizbullah Seeking to Improve Aoun’s Ties with Jumblat ahead of 2013 Elections

Hizbullah is seeking to improve ties between Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat and Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Michel Aoun ahead of the 2013 parliamentary elections, reported the pan-Arab daily al-Hayat on Sunday

Syrian Rebels Refuse to Give Regime 'Written Guarantees' on Ceasefire

Syria said Sunday it will not withdraw its forces from protest hubs without "written guarantees" that the opposition will also lay down its arms, a demand swiftly rejected by rebels, who said they will not give guarantees to a regime they do not recognize

Assad’s Forces Kill At Least 156 Today

Regime forces continued to target unarmed displaced civilians in Homs, as the Syrian army started shelling the villages of Zafrana, Jersaisa, Harab Nafsa, and Derfoul

More than 100 Dead in Syria Crackdown ahead of Deadline

More than 100 people were reported killed across Syria on Saturday, 74 of them civilians, as regime forces pressed a protest crackdown three days ahead of a deadline to cease fire and pull back

2350+ Refugees Crossed To Turkey Today

The Office of the UN Delegate to Syria, Kofi Annan, announced that the Norwegian General Robert Mood will be leading the Observers Mission to Syria

Syrian Regime Continues To Plant Mines Alongside Lebanese Borders

Regime forces started planting new landmines along the Lebanese borders in a bid to replace landmines washed by the winter floods or removed by activists and refugees

 Al-Aisamy Died in Unknown Circumstances

Syrian opposition member Shebli al-Aisamy, who was kidnapped in Lebanon last year, has died in unknown circumstances, media reports said on Wednesday

Seven dead in Christian college shootings, suspect named

A FORMER student of a small California university was arrested peacefully hours after he allegedly opened fire on the school's Oakland campus, killing seven people and injuring three others

Jumblat: Resistance in Lebanon Must Join the Syrian People’s Resistance

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat saluted on Monday the Syrian people in their ongoing uprising against the ruling regime

Israel Frees Palestinian Detainee After Hunger Strike of Weeks

A Palestinian woman who spent more than 40 days on a hunger strike to protest her detention by Israel without charge or trial was released from an Israeli prison

'Friends of Syria' Recognize SNC as 'Legitimate Representative of All Syrians'

"Friends of Syria" member countries recognized the opposition Syrian National Council Sunday as the "legitimate representative" of all Syrians, the Anatolia news agency said

"Friends of Syria" Meet in Turkey

Dozens of representatives from Western and Arab countries gathered for talks on Sunday in Istanbul, seeking ways to up the pressure on Damascus to accept a U.N.-Arab plan to stop bloodshed in Syria

Syrian Opposition Leader Urges Arming of Rebels

Syrian opposition leader Burhan Ghalioun said a "Friends of Syria" conference that opens in Turkey on Sunday must back the arming of rebels

Geagea Says Revolt in Syria Will Not End, Calls on Christians to Cling to their Land

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea called on Saturday the national community and Arab countries to sponsor a “sincere” referendum in Syria as “ending the revolution would be an illusion

Regime Bombards Revolutionaries with Helicopters

The Assad regime started to use its air force extensively to bomb the revolutionaries, as it did today in the town of Ghadfa in Idlib before invading the city and clashing with the revolutionaries

2000 Syrian Refugees Arrived in Jordan Last Week Alone

More than 2000 Syrian refugees flocked into Jordan this past week as a result of the regime’s increased operations in the province of Daraa

Arabi Demands Int'l Probe into Syria 'Crimes'

Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi on Tuesday called for an international probe into "crimes" committed against civilians in Syria, particularly in the flashpoint provinces of Homs and Idlib

Syria to Reject Any Arab League Initiative to End Crisis

Damascus will reject any initiative stemming from this week's Arab League summit to end the year-long crisis in Syria, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Wednesday

 Clashes along Lebanon-Syria Border

Syrian security forces infiltrated the Bekaa border town of al-Qaa on Tuesday, said various media reports.