Syrian envoy to Cyprus defects to the opposition

The SRCC spoke today to Lamia al-Hariri, charge d’affairs of the Syrian embassy in Cyprus, confirming her defection

Mansour Sends Memorandum to Syria, but Falls Short of 'Protest' Expectations

Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour revealed on Wednesday that he sent a memorandum to Syrian Ambassador demanding his country to avoid the recurrence of any border incidents

Syrian Ambassador to UAE, Two Generals Defect

Syrian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Abdul-Latif al-Dabbagh has defected, al-Jazeera TV reported Wednesday

EU Hails Lebanese Efforts to Support Syrian Refugees

The European Union expressed on Monday its readiness to continue providing assistance to Lebanon in coping with the burden of harboring refugees fleeing the unrest in neighboring Syria

tasked Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour to hand Syrian ambassador Ali Abdul Karim Ali a letter of complaint over his country’s endeavors along the Lebanese-Syrian border

President Michel Suleiman tasked Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour to hand Syrian ambassador Ali Abdul Karim Ali a letter of complaint over his country’s endeavors along the Lebanese-Syrian border

Stop the killing of muslims in burma

The SG of OIC said that they would place pressure on the Myanmar so violence against Muslims in that country ends

Mass demonstrations in Syria in support of the rebels

Despite the heavy clashes between rebels and regime forces, hundreds of demonstrations broke out across the country today to demand the downfall of Assad’s regime and support the rebels fighting against it

Regime Launches All-Out Damascus Assault amid Fierce Fighting in Aleppo

Syrian forces launched an all-out assault on opposition strongholds in Damascus Friday amid unprecedented fierce fighting in the city of Aleppo

Syria National Security Chief Dies of Blast Wounds

General Hisham Ikhtiyar, the head of Syrian national security wounded in a Damascus bomb blast

March 14 to Boycott Dialogue over 'Hizbullah Refusal to Discuss Arms'

The March 14 forces announced three preconditions to take part in any upcoming dialogue session: “Handing over the complete telecom data

Regime begins to lose control of northern Syria

The Syrian regime started losing control of northern parts of the country after rebels took control of two major crossings

Egypt ex-VP Omar Suleiman Dies in U.S.

Egypt's former vice president Omar Suleiman, long-time spy chief to deposed president Hosni Mubarak, died on Thursday in the United States

Syrian Defense Minister and Assef Shawkat Killed in Damascus Blast, FSA Claims Responsibility

A suicide bomber on Wednesday struck at the heart of Syria's security apparatus, killing the country's defense minister and President Bashar Assad's brother-in-law

Suleiman Holds Talks in Turkey with Gul

President Michel Suleiman held talks with Turkish leaders on Tuesday about the fate of the 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims who were kidnapped in Syria two months ago

Rebels battle tanks in Damascus Neighbourhoods

The heavy clashes between the regime forces and armed resistance groups continued in the capital as military tanks and troops

Arrest Warrants Issued Against 3 Officers in Abdul Wahed Case

The military examining magistrate issued on Saturday arrest warrants against three army officers, who were released last week, in the case of the killing of Sunni Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Wahed and his companion

Syria Opposition Urges U.N. for a Binding Resolution after Massacre

Syria's main opposition alliance Friday urged the U.N. Security Council to pass a binding resolution against Damascus following reports by activists that regime forces massacred

Family Accuses Israel of Poisoning Arafat with Polonium

Israel poisoned the late Yasser Arafat with the lethal radioactive substance polonium, a nephew of the veteran Palestinian leader alleged on Thursday

Iraq Says Defected Syrian Ambassador is in Qatar

Syrian ambassador to Iraq Nawaf Fares, who announced his defection to the opposition, is now in Qatar, Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said on Thursday

Regime Forces Continue Pounding Cities Amid Mass Defections

A Syrian Arab Red Crescent aid worker died a day after he was shot by regime forces in a clearly marked ambulance vehicle in the town of Deir Azzour