Israeli Occupation Forces Broke Into Wattan TV and Stole Equipment and Contents..Video

Israeli soldiers broke into the Wattan TV headquarters in Ramallah last night and confiscated all the computers used by editors and reporters in the newsroom and administrative offices

Injured British Journalist in Lebanon after Escaping Homs Siege

British photographer Paul Conroy, who was wounded in an army bombardment in the Syrian rebel city of Homs last week, has been smuggled to Lebanon, his father Les said Tuesday

U.N. Rights Chief Urges 'Humanitarian Ceasefire' in Syria

U.N. rights chief Navi Pillay on Tuesday called for an immediate ceasefire to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid to crisis-hit Syria during a special meeting of government ministers in Geneva

Attempts to Evacuate Wounded Journalists Trapped in Homs Continued

the journalists refused to evacuate without the injured Syrian activists and without the Ambassadors of their countries to guarantee their safety

The Friends of Syria MeetingSyrian National Council Statement

The struggle of the Syrian people for freedom, equal citizenship and democracy has the support of a large majority of the international community

UN Said Regime Officials Ordered Killing of Unarmed Children and Women

The United Nations announced in a report it produced that Assad’s forces shot dead unarmed women and men, shelled urban locations, and tortured wounded demonstrators in hospitals

Red Cross begins evacuation of wounded from Homs

The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent entered the besieged Homs district of Baba Amr

 International Human Rights Agreements in Syria’s Future

 The popular uprising witnessed by the Arab world at large and by Syria in particular will come to have the greatest effect on political and legal affairs in this region

Massacres Continue as Entire Neighbourhoods are Levelled

 the regime continued to shell the neighbourhoods of the city of Homs while sweeping for survivors to finish them off. The Red Cross is still not allowed to enter the city

UAE Plans to Deport 300 Syrian Citizens to Syria

The decision has been made despite the known fact that those deported will likely be arrested and tortured upon landing in Syria

13 Civilians, 2 Troops Dead as Syrian Forces Mass around Homs

Violence killed 15 people across Syria on Monday as regime troops massed around Homs, sparking calls for women and children to flee the besieged flashpoint city


Miqati Maintains Firm Decision on Transportation Crisis, Refuses Parliament’s Interference

Prime Minister Najib Miqati maintained a steady position regarding the suspension of the cabinet sessions if Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas doesn’t add his signature to the transportation allowance decree approved by the government

Iranian Reinforcements Cross Suez Canal to Syria

Two Iranian ships crossed the Suez Canal to the Syrian ports in the Mediterranean Sea, after acquiring the required clearances from the Egyptian Armed Forces. The destroyer and supply ships are most likely transferring more troops and weapons to the regime

Jumblat Advises Nasrallah to Support Syrian People, Not Assad Regime

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat said Saturday that Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah should have announced his backing for the Syrian people rather than defending the Assad regime

SNC Extends Ghalioun’s Term Amidst Intensified Crackdown in Syria

The Syrian National Council extended Burhan Ghalioun’s presidency term for another three months. According to SNC Spokeswoman Bassma Kodmani, the bylaws of the SNC stipulate the alternation of the presidency term

Israel, Singapore Deny Foiling Assassination Bid by Hizbullah, Iran against Barak

Israel revealed that an attempt to assassinate Defense Minister Ehud Barak was foiled during his trip to Singapore on Monday, reported Kuwait’s al-Jarida newspaper on Thursday, in remarks swiftly denied by an Israeli defense official and Singaporean police

22 Killed as Syrian Troops Move on Protest Hubs

Syrian armor moved on the main hubs of an 11-month uprising on Thursday killing at least 22 people, monitors said, a day after President Bashar Assad set a vote for a new constitution

UN General Assembly Discuss Syria Resolution Amid Continued Killing in Homs and Idlib

The UN General Assembly is considering a non-binding resolution to condemn the human rights abuses committed by the Assad regime

Arab League Ask the UN to Dispatch a Joint Peacekeeping Mission to Syria

The Arab League called upon the United Nations to dispatch a joint peacekeeping mission to Syria after the regime intensified its security campaign against civilians

Assad’s Forces Break into Zabadani and the Regime Suspends All Loans

Assad’s forces broke into the city of Zabadani in the suburbs of Damascus after agreeing with the revolutionaries on a ceasefire and retreated in return for the regime allowing food, medical supplies, and heating fuel into the city