Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday warned against threatening his country with sanctions

Some are threatening us with economy, sanctions, exchange rates, interests and inflation. We see your game and we challenge it," Erdogan said at the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party's sixth ordinary congress in the capital Ankara

Trump using Brunson to rally evangelical votes: report

U.S. President Donald Trump has been using the dispute with Turkey about a detained pastor to garner votes ahead of congressional elections in November

Homily of Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay Feast of the Assumption

Dearly Beloved in Christ,
“Whoever has love will wonder at Mary, the Mother of God.” – St Ephrem

Turkey to boycott US-made electronic products: Erdogan

We will boycott American electronic products,” Erdogan said, adding that Turkey would produce a better version of every product previously bought with foreign currencies and export them

Man arrested after car crashes into barriers outside UK Parliament, injuring pedestrians

A man has been arrested after a car smashed into barriers outside London's Houses of Parliament

Ten people injured in Manchester, England

Ten people are in hospital with minor to major injuries after shots were fired in Manchester, England, in the early hours of Sunday morning

11 civilians rescued after Russian massacre

Syrian Civil Defence said  that teams rescued miraculously 11 civilians, including 4 children alive from under the rubble.

Two police officers among four people killed in Fredericton, Canada shooting

At least four people, including two police officers, have been killed in a shooting incident in the eastern Canadian city of Fredericton, police said

Maduro blames Colombia for assassination attempt

Maduro said “everything points” to a right-wing plot that initial investigation suggested was linked to Colombia and the U.S. state of Florida, where many Venezuelan exiles live. Several perpetrators were caught, he said, without elaborating

Turkish President Erdogan unveils 100-day action plan

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday unveiled first 100-day action plan of Turkey's new presidential Cabinet in the capital Ankara

Syrian actress and activists Mai Skaf laid to rest in Paris

Syrian actress and activists Mai Skaf was buried on Friday (August 3) in a cemetery in a suburb in Paris, surrounded by family members and friends carrying flags of the Syrian revolution

Iran Uprising-No.. 190 Strike of shopkeepers and bazaar merchants in different cities, and the arrest of a large number of Tehran Bazaar merchants

Mrs. Rajavi's call for public support for strikers and immediate action to release the arrested

Assad warplanes target Sweida countryside

Assad warplanes attacked on Monday (July 30) villages controlled by ISIS in Sweida countryside, Orient Correspondent said

Iran..Rate of dollar surpasses 110,000 rials, deepening crisis within the clerical regime, leading to popular protests

The economic and political crises engulfing the Iranian regime have grown deeper with the rate of dollar surpassing 110,000 rials and the price of each gold coin exceeding 44,000,000 rials

Lawyer Jihad Zebian asks the UN Secretary-General to convene a emergency session of the UN General Assembly to take measures to protect the Druze in southern Syria

Based on the resolution entitled "United for Peace" of 3 November 1950 (resolution 377 (V)) authorizing an emergency special session within 24 hours if there appears to be a threat to peace or a breach of peace

After Trump’s Threat to Iran, White House Convenes a Policy Meeting

The meeting, which follows Mr. Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear accord and to reimpose tough economic sanctions on Tehran, comes as key elements of the administration’s Iran policy have been unclear

Local in Sweida dismiss Assad officials from funeral ceremonies

A massive popular funeral ceremony started on Thursday (July 26) for the victims of the ISIS terrorist attack that targeted Sweida

Mars has a vast liquid water lake beneath its southern pole, scientists believe

In a massive shot in the arm for the search for life on Mars, a giant "lake" of liquid water seems to be buried beneath the ice near the red planet's south pole

Israeli military fires 2 interceptor missiles at Syrian Sukhoi warplane

Israel has fired interceptor missiles at a Syrian Sukhoi warplane, the IDF said in a statement, adding that the aircraft had penetrated Israeli-controlled airspace

Israeli airstrike hits Assad chemical centre in Hama countryside

Assad regime television said an Israeli air strike had hit a military post in the city of Masyaf in Syria’s Hama province but caused only material damage