Lebanon..Saqr Refers File on Samaha-Shaaban Telephone Calls on Explosives to Military Tribunal Judge

Military Tribunal Judge referred to Military Examining Magistrate Riyad Abu Ghida the file on the telephone call that allegedly took place between former Minister Michel Samaha

Protesters demand arms for rebel fighters

Syrians took to the streets in masses demanding serious steps by the international community towards providing arms to the Syrian rebels

Secret Papers, Masonic Research in Vatican Butler's Flat

Vatican police testifying Wednesday at the high-profile trial of Pope Benedict XVI's former butler said they had found more than 1,000 confidential papers in his apartment

36 Dead in Hong Kong Ferry Collision

Thirty six people were killed when a pleasure boat on a trip to watch holiday fireworks collided with a ferry and sank off Hong Kong

Jumblat: Syrian Regime Prime Culprit behind Aleppo Fire, Destruction

 Jumblat on Monday voiced regret over the recent burning of several souks in the war-torn northern Syrian city of Aleppo

Founder of Shabiha militia die as anti-Assad protests breakout in his home town

Mass anti-Assad protests were reported in his home town

At least 30 civilians killed “execution style” were discovered in a basement in southern neighbourhood of Asaly in Damascus

Several dozen people were also killed as regime forces resumed shelling the Damascus suburbs of Zabadani


Hundreds of shops ablaze in Aleppo’s ancient souks


Activists blamed regime snipers as they targeted the souk’s electric generators sparking fire in one of the shops while preventing rebel fighters and residents from approaching it causing the fire to spread on

Rebel fighters launch

Commander-in-Chief of the biggest rebel force of al-Tawheed brigade in Aleppo announced the start of a "decisive battle" to push Assad's forces out of the city

More than 145 civilians murdered with knives in Damascus

Regime forces and pro-regime militias murdered more than 327 civilians throughout the country today, half of which were slaughtered with knives

Emir of Qatar calls for Arab-led intervention in Syria

Shiekh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, while addressing the UN General Assembly called for an Arab-led intervention in Syria

Rebel fighters size more towns in Aleppo suburbs

Regime forces killed dozens of civilians in the capital, including eight killed “execution style” in the town of Sbeneh

Syria Rebels Move Command Center from Turkey to Syria..Video

Syrian rebels announced that their command center has been transferred from neighboring Turkey to inside Syria, in a video posted on Saturday

U.N. Chief Says Anti-Islam Film 'Disgraceful, Shameless'

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon said the offensive anti-Islam Internet video that ignited worldwide protests was "disgraceful and shameful"

Fabius Warns of Spread of Syrian Conflict to Lebanon

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius cautioned on Tuesday that the Syrian crisis may lead to a regional conflict

Syrian Weekly Brief

Violence keeps escalating as the southern parts of Damascus declared as “disaster areas”: Regime forces continued their military offensive throughout the country, killing at least 912 civilians

U.S. Updates Travel Warning to Lebanon


The United States on Monday updated its travel warning to Lebanon amid a convulsion of anti-U.S. outrage in the Middle East

Southern neighbourhoods of Damascus declared disaster areas

Regime forces resumed their massive military offensive in the southern parts of the capital murdering at least 23 civilians in the neighbourhood of Qadam and 11 more in neighborhood of Kafarsouseh

Suleiman Demands Iranian Clarification over Remarks of Revolutionary Guard Presence in Lebanon

President Michel Suleiman held talks Iranian Ambassador Ghazanfar Rokn-Abadi on recent statements that members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards are present in Lebanon

Mansour Asks for Arab FMs Meeting on Anti-Islam Film

Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour announced on Sunday that he was exerting efforts to call for an urgent meeting of Arab foreign ministers to denounce an anti-Islam film

Pope Departs Beirut, Urges Lebanon to Resist those who Would Destroy Peace

Pope Benedict XVI took leave of Lebanon on Sunday urging its people, Christian and Muslim, to reject anything that might divide them